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  1. Much as this is clearly the most important thread in the whole forums, my research suggests Shay may not have made universally ideal choices in dealing with the passage of time.
  2. Ah yes, and given lockdown restrictions easing we could all stop for a picnic on LHI then...subject to there being somewhere to park the boat of course... The CYCA would love it because there's no mobile coverage for most of the course so we'd be using HF...
  3. Saw it sailing in the recent CYCA Winter Series. Looks like it's slowly being upgraded
  4. Sydney, around Lord Howe and back, 820 miles or so
  5. Thankyou sir! 10 knots ... my knees would be shaking...! Manners aside, at least they were pretty boats. I guess the manners are all relative to the era. Today's teenagers are ridiculously well mannered compared to how I was back in the day...
  6. Ouch! Just looking at those lines, a great example of the mid 70s IOR pintail, reminds me what a nasty corner IOR-optimized boats ended up in for a while. I'm sure it's great in light airs though.
  7. shit - I was going to organise an all anarchist delivery crew.
  8. We've no idea to be truthful. Gladys repeats the slogan "Delta is a game changer" frequently, but thus far hasn't explained how she's actually changed the game to suit.
  9. 1 Case in Sydney in early June. We know who he was, just an ordinary joe earning a living. Fast forward 8 weeks and thousands of infections and dozens of deaths have ensued. Gold standard contact tracing in NSW has hit the wall with this volume of infections and we are on the edge of a precipice. Get a sense of perspective dude.
  10. I think I did that Port Hacking regatta too, Steamer might have been on board as well IIRC. Long time ago now. I do remember getting the 5.5 planing one day in a hair dryer westerly on Pittwater. Not an experience to forget in one of those...
  11. Yeah I remember racing JOG with Bruce Ritchie in the early 80s in his largely self-designed 30 footer Jan V, we had a ball and went well but there was this JOG special called J-Law IIRC that was really hard to beat. I think there was a sister to J-Law too, can't remember what it was called. Maybe Kel Steinman designs?
  12. Nah, stern foil. Inspired by International 14 practice
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