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  1. The power required to tow one of these up to over 50 knots would be well beyond the current chase boats I reckon. They can only just get to those speeds without anything in tow...
  2. If you crunch the numbers, 30kts boats speed in 10 knots of wind at say 45 degrees true, apparent wind angle is down around 11 degrees. Interestingly AWA is about the same upwind and down as the boats go much faster downwind so you notice the traveller go down as they bear off around a windward mark then once the boat accelerates a few seconds later it comes back up to where it was more or less. Upwind TWS 10 Boatspeed 30 TWA
  3. There was never any doubt that the SA tensiometer would appear. Top marks for first reply!
  4. Marginally more then a poofteenth
  5. If that’s true we need a different style of boat. It’s boring if losing the start means game over. May as well finish the race at the first gate.
  6. That bow section and the bustle ahead of the rudder are pure IOR design features. That's not an IACC boat.
  7. I thought he was pretty classy.
  8. I crunched the up and down numbers, AWA looks to be around 13-14 degrees both upwind and down so if a boat is set up to fly stable at that AWA then opening it up to even 25 degrees will create massive forces looking to both heel and cartwheel the boat.
  9. Nice take on it and I’d say that’s close to what TH was referring to.
  10. There probably is, and a large area of boat will need to be replaced. The popped panel was at "Ground Zero" and the loads went over breaking point there while they didn't quite get there in the other panels.
  11. I'd say the panel popped inside out between the frames under extreme slamming load and the strength of the rigid frames sheared the panel along the line of the transverse and longitudinal frames. That laminate isn't designed to flex, I would imagine, so it just let go. Chances are that the hull panels around the popped one were also flexed and probably deliaminated.
  12. I'd say more the case of designing a structure based on slamming load cases that weren't quite that high. There's always always a risk/reward trade-off between weight and strength in race boats based on expected load cases. When they've exceeded these all bets are off. The same thing happens in IMOCAs - recall a few boats having bows rebuilt a few years back.
  13. How dare you besmirch the hottest woman on Australian TV, queen Janice
  14. In our case, the owner wanted to get the boat back to Sydney for a range of reasons. Delivery to schedule. The weather was pretty much exactly to forecast. https://cdn.revolutionise.com.au/site/jaoojxv9gtwx6ilu.pdf
  15. True, but you want to avoid falling off the foils yourself in cruelling your opponent. Absolutely agree that's going to a key strategic consideration but I'd expect the risk of your own boat falling off the foils will limit aggression. Full noise will also be the preferred starting approach in these boats, I reckon.
  16. Close, but two 4ksb would be even closer, and no slower...
  17. Based on what we saw in Bermuda, I doubt it
  18. Point 1) - I'd argue they're no more exciting to watch than just about any other class of well-matched boats - the absolute speed isn't much of a factor, the relative speed of the two boats is. I'd argue against point 2) as well. There's not much serious mano-a-mano stuff going on before the start, there's really only one shot - as there was in Bermuda. That itself is fun to watch but recall how the 12 metre or IACC lead mines used to circle and hunt each other in the pre-start back in the day and cross tacks ten times on a windward leg. And, once racing the cost of falling off the fo
  19. I wouldn't be quick to pass judgement. I was on another boat around 15-20 miles behind Showtime when it capsized. It was a tough time. Most of the harbours along that coast are very shallow, <2m and these boats draw too much to get in. Plus, pretty much all ports were closed given the bushfire emergency underway at the time. Depending on where the boat was when that conversation with the owner happened, there was possibly very little shelter available. Eden was literally on fire - in full emergency mode with embers circulating in the air and the Navy in action helping out, but if
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