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  1. No worse than Bermuda. But no better either. Fast edgy boats don’t make for interesting racing, leadmines do.
  2. ETNZ’s foils look noticeably smaller than some of the others so that they are focused on speed over lift. It does seem clear that it is taking them a while to get up when they fall off the foils in pre-starts but at this stage the raw straightline speed makes up for it.
  3. If their fouls are big and draggy it may be because the bull isn’t producing much lift. D’Oh...
  4. I suspect most of the drag in these platforms is aero not hydro. Their apparent wind speeds would be over 50 knots at times. If the hull's aerodynamics are wrong that will be a major factor in a lack of straightline speed. If other hulls are generating aerodynamic lift in flight then that unloads the foils and reduces hydro drag as a big bonus.
  5. I liked the line about, with another hat on, how each boat should really have 12 jibs available
  6. What about when the whole boat is flying above the water most of the time - IMOCA? Maybe a scoop on deck somewhere as there seems no shortage of water flowing across the deck.
  7. Carl Crafoord bought an 1104 as his next Blue Water project a few years back and did a lot of work to it. Then ex-About Time came onto the market so he pivoted to the Cookson 12, understandably, but his 1104 will be around someplace and would be a pretty good option as it was well on the way to Blue Water spec when he bought the C12.
  8. Looks like the cutouts are just there to facilitate loading or unloading the winches
  9. Agree Couta, necessary but not sufficient. Dumb luck is also a factor - but one that can be mitigated by preparation. Weather less so. Clearly the weather that year allowed the 60-70s to shine and given that, the best researched/optimised/sailed of those would have a high chance of winning. Matt Allen wins using that formula - "no excuse to lose" as DC once put it.
  10. Yep - for all the spectacle foils are a design rabbit hole for long-distance offshore racing IMHO. Given the amount of stuff floating around in the oceans they just increase the risk of failure too much and with that the risk of catastrophic, life-endangering failure. This VG is no more exciting than the last one - even if the boats are so much faster. A similar argument to the America's Cup at some level I guess - fast boats don't necessarily make better racing. That said, foiler IMOCAs racing over shorter distances and flatter seas going hard is pretty cool. It's a testament to the
  11. And he's been resupplied with superfood - Foie Gras
  12. Thanks! It really enlivens the coverage and would probably have great safety benefits. One to think about for future editions
  13. Loving it - how many more boats running public dashboards? Did I miss a post full of links?
  14. 1) Syd Fischer at the best of times was an underinvestor 2) These are the worst of times, plus Syd must be close to shuffling off this mortal coil, he's in his 90s and probably suffers from dementia. I'm thinking a Viking burial is the right outcome on all sides - when the time's right, of course.
  15. Either that or chuck a logo on to Infotrack...
  16. I sailed with and against him quite a bit the late 70s and early 80s. Nice guy and pretty sharp on a boat.
  17. Owner otherwise engaged as I understand it, sorta lost the passion for racing plus was busy doing plastic surgery in Thailand. Has had minimal use over the last 10+ years so at one level a good buy.
  18. Trump isn't the only thing in the world that's beyond satire
  19. As a 25 year CYCA member I’m appalled.
  20. Once upon a time 34 was a good mid size for offshore. Age has caught up with you Jason!!
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