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  1. Brett's awesome, I've used him but tends to be dinghy focused AFAIK. Not sure whether he does much on offshore keelboats. Stuart Broom, Steve McConaghy are both excellent. Stu more on boat and crew organising, trimming and moves, Steve that plus more out of the boat on-water stuff. And ask around the yacht clubs who the various owners use.
  2. As for any competitive sailing fleet, the costs have escalated insanely as teams chase diminishing returns. The same dynamic applies to both Development and OD to a large extent but spend is generally directed more towards duplicating hardware, software and processes in OD fleets. Development fleets it additionally goes towards developing and optimising the hardware. Net-net spending a gazillion to sail a handful of regattas involving a couple of days short W/L races in a nice place is fun but ultimately once you've done it you've done it, and once you've won it you've won it - unless c
  3. Base ventilating foils would be useless for AC racing as they're only good at high boat speeds
  4. New [insert brand name here] structured luff technology allows squaresails to work at 15 apparent
  5. wouldn't it be cheap enough to get a boat laser scanned and generate a set of lines from that?
  6. Yes to both geography and inebriation. I'm now a landlord in Tasmania, apparently.
  7. I just bought a house sight unseen... scary but achievable
  8. Steve, given the dynamics you cite, would it not be sensible (setting aside rule prescriptions for a moment) to locate the main foils at or close to the bow so that the boat's mass acting through the CofG created a moment that tended to drop the stern?
  9. My bad...obviously...! and now that my old eyes see the pic on a large screen rather than my phone it's more than a little obvious...
  10. There was a reason for that. I think it had something to do with how the boat was hung in the garage.
  11. If you insist...circa 1978. We still have the car.
  12. The 1200 was my first car, before that my Laser went everywhere on top of my mum's Mini Deluxe. I think I trump you Sporty. Don't think I have pix sadly.
  13. You're always looking for excuses to post the SSS ... On the second point, yes.
  14. Now there's a car. I owned one too. Mine had fat tyres and Aunger drag mags though.
  15. The old Laser gelcoat makes me smile every time
  16. I delivered back from Hobart in January during the bush fires along the coast. Zero visibility at night - thick smoke obliterating all stars and moon, TWS 35-40 from the south. Focuses the mind.
  17. Of course they're eager to put it on, and why wouldn't they be? that said I'm not betting that it'll happen. Strong headwinds in every sense.
  18. Occitane has a bow overhang and as I understand it measures the full 60 feet. The proboscis would be hull, not sprit. It would indeed look a bit like an inverted human nose and be narrower than the maximum at the measurement limit point and there would be an inflection point in the sheerline behind that measurement point and the real front of the scow would be back there.
  19. So you do a full scow bow with a proboscis that meets the rule requirement then widens out behind that measurement point. Unless there's also rule that limits the sheerline to a convex curve when viewed from above. Given that it's a foiler it doesn't matter too much if it's effectively an IMOCA 57 as a result - L'Occitane has sorta proven that.
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