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  1. This speed sensor seems to have a mind of it's own. I can calibrate the display to get it to agree with the GPS but then it's wrong high or low by 5-7% the next time out. I have averaged out the tidal effects using reciprocal courses when calibrating. The thing seems like a random number generator. I've asked our diver to be sure the sensor is well cleaned. Sad that such an expensive sensor would give bs numbers. Your experience?
  2. The judge was really pissed over Megamouth Maxine's comment but in the end he denied the motion.
  3. The x rays from uranus says there is a vibrator up there. It time to change the battery dude.
  4. Americans, and that includes Republicans, have grown to understand that winning is more important than fair play.
  5. The constitution says that congress shall pass no law that infringes your freedom of speech. But if your speech harms people without justifiable cause then you may be liable in a civil suit. That's my understanding.
  6. Why can't he come back? I thought he just got laughed out of here.
  7. My take away is that your hate of each other is more important than anything else.
  8. This is exceptional...... https://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2021/03/21/exp-gps-0321-fareeds-take.cnn
  9. That may depend upon how much in fear the secretary of defense is of his boss.
  10. The cops turned his vehicle upside down at freeway spends. He may have been too disoriented to mount a proper defense?
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