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  1. It would be a much better planet if we only had 1 billion people on it rather than 8. Much less of the bad crap and a lot more of the natural world that we love. How many people do we really need?
  2. The Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, a fertility clinic, looked at more than 170,000 semen analyses conducted between 2005 and 2021 for healthy 19 to 38-year-olds from nine geographic regions across the US. The researchers say the data comes from a “diverse set” of men, although it is unclear how representative it is of the US population. Across all regions, the researchers found that the average concentration of sperm in donated semen dropped over time. The average number of mobile sperm in the semen – which is a better predictor of their potential to fertilise eggs – also d
  3. Magic spell so he can only understand & speak Esperanto.
  4. I think Bill Maher nailed it here....
  5. The little ones that the local J70 fleet use keep getting crushed by seagulls. Is there a solid/reliable small windex on the market?
  6. None of the J120's were prescrimp. But the pre hull #24 had the floor grid pop loose and as far as I know none of the post hull 24s have had a problem. Maybe can't make a mechanical bond to scripmed hulls?
  7. The damage that Biden is doing is due to the fact that he is being too passive to resist the destruction of democracy being perpetrated by the right.
  8. Dumbass Americans don't deserve democracy anymore.
  9. My trust in the wisdom of the American electorate is at an all time low.
  10. It was confirmed that it is hull 10 and that they did not hit anything in the water. I've no more information on it.
  11. Looks 50/50 to me at least on that document we were talking about:
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