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  1. Very custom. Knew what he wanted. Built it, 'Ran out of time'. Zero texts given. Not my thing, but... wow... respect. <Insert Robert Perry quote about client requirements driving design here>
  2. I'm not by any stretch a mechanic but am methodical about maintenance, which has worked out for the half-dozen years I've owned my diesel. I too have considered a remote oil filter adapter to bring the filter to a more convenient location (increasing the likelihood that I stick to my changeout schedule and not defer it 'because it's inconvenient'). Could you help me understand the significance of the change in bypass pressure? How would a dual filter affect bypass pressure?
  3. +1 According to Raymarine Forums, the official protocol is to return the device to Raymarine's US Product Repair Center in New Hampshire for service/repair. The specific component that fails is called the "UniController" and is a known issue with e7 MFDs. Unfortunately, since it is a hardware issue, software updates will not fix the problem.
  4. "...As you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time..." Donald Rumsfeld
  5. Thanks Anarchists -- that's all very helpful. My wife caught me watching Dylan's Torqeedo review video on YouTube yesterday. Instead of the giving me the customary eye roll, she blindsided me with: "And why don't we already have one of those?!". I'm going to interpret that as a tie-breaking 'yes' vote.
  6. I assume that aside from water ingress and eventual corrosion, the crossthreading can cause the communication error conditions that I've read about in other threads. Is it simple to reset the motor from said state while in place (ie. on the transom)?
  7. @BullCity Now that you're a few months into it, could you add anything WRT your firsthand experiences with the Travel 1003 as a replacement to the Honda 2HP? I am about to go the electric route myself in re-powering our roll-up inflatable dinghy.
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