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  1. I rebuilt mine, engine and body. The engine is so small I lifted it out by hand, set it on a tire and onto the ground... I called it a go-cart... Rear Suspension would put the fear in God in you while making a tight turn..
  2. I had one of those cars....
  3. Hey, is that Alex Thomson standing on the keel?
  4. Topmast


    A man arrives at an old motel in the Mexican desert. As he walks in, he sees an old donkey standing by the door. At the check-in counter, the old man running the place, smiles as the traveler walks up. "Good day, I would like a room." The old man says sure and has the traveler fill out a form. As the traveler is writing, he notices a very large jar filled with money from all over the world. He sees $20 dollar bills and Euros and Yen and so on. After he writes out his registration, he asks the old man about the jar of money. The old man smiles and says, "You put $20 in the jar, then walk outsid
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