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  1. I made this one: carbon, titanium and some stuff:
  2. I've had a quantity of low friction rings made for a project som 2-3 years ago. Machined from AL7075 T6 and hard-teflon anodized. Anodize color "bronze-ish" and black. the shape is somewhat different from the classic LFR; that is because I used these rings in several more creative ways. For anyone interested I have some quantity available still. sizes/ price 80x17mm for 13mm line: $18 60x14mm for 11mm line: $14 52x11mm for 8mm line: $11 45x9mm for 7mm line: $10
  3. Buy from Europe: around $0,35 per feet fo 3mm DM20: http://shop.seileundmeer.de/XTReme/D-Pro-Static.html
  4. The dutch brought you all to "yachting", so you should be gratefull and in admiration for a tradition of old ships in the Netherlands. ;-) Here a "vissermanschouw" for sale. Built in 1960, used for fishing on the IJsselmeer: http://www.tradewindyachts.nl/visserschouw-1960/
  5. My torqeedo 2.0 cruise dan do 6.2kts on my boat, 6,5m and 1200kg empty weight
  6. Thanks, but that site I know. My last two pictures are from that period.
  7. I sailed quite a lot on her, for me it was a real big ship then. This is me at the wheel in 1973 on river Orwell on the east coast of England: Years later, around 1996, I visited river Orwell again and saw her in very bad shape in Woolverstone marina. Later again I heard that some people on the south coast were in the proces of fixing her. Here some pictures during that: Now I have lost all track of her. Is there someone here on SA who knows more?
  8. Long ago, when I was young, I was with a sea scouts group in the south western province ("Zeeland") of the Netherlands. Our group was friends with a sea scout group of east London called 4th Seven Kings sea scouts (see http://grahamdknight.wixsite.com/4skss). We visited them, they visited us. During the sixties they built a beautiful ketch, the "Seven Kings": The building started in 1963, launch was in 1969. A movie of the build: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zlGJa8rGPbo
  9. There are 4 locks to get out of the "IJsselmeer": see red arrows: two in the north which open up to the "Waddenzee" and two in the south, on the "Noordzeekanaal" and very nice through Amsterdam.
  10. I really like this. You have a solar panel and a wind vane which may indicate that you sail long distances. Do you trailer the boat to the sea, or do you stay on the lake? I don't trailer the boat and hardly ever sail on the lake. My sailing consists of large solo crossings of the North Sea, to Shetlands, Norway, Brittany etc. like this: https://youtu.be/eu9nyCDaomM I took off the wind vane because I couldn't get it to work properly; I now rely on a tillerdrive of which a carry several.
  11. Danish design 22ft "Marsvin" by Peter Bruun, huilt in 1980. Little sister of Spaekhugger, Grinde and Kaskelot. Sailing on the "IJsselmeer" the large fresh water lake in the Netherlands.
  12. A new nanocruiser design, made in aluminum: http://www.jean-claude-michaud.com/crbst_1.html .
  13. I have a torqeedo 2.0`cruise, very happy with it. I just learnt from another manufacturer: http://www.epropulsion.hk Their products the website seem very similar to torqeedo.
  14. About copper plating a wooden boat: check this YouTube from minute 12: a newly build Collin archer being plated in a beautiful job:
  15. first and foremost a tugboat should look strong! It brings confidence and boosts bollard pull.
  16. The older we sailors are, the more we tend to appreciate the traditional designs. To me it seems this tendency is stronger in USA than in Europe?
  17. Similar to the above? Last year I met Hoek design 36' Tintel in Norway: From designers comment: "Tin­tel was com­mis­sioned by the owner of the 70-foot clas­sic ketch Kim. The main rea­son for this new pro­ject was his de­sire for a smaller yacht that could be eas­ily han­dled by one or two crew. In re­sponse, we de­vel­oped an ex­cit­ing and in­no­v­a­tive pilot cut­ter, with a plumb bow and tiller steer­ing. Her mod­ern un­der­wa­ter con­fig­u­ra­tion in­cludes a deep fin keel and spade rud­der, while a very high sail area to dis­place­ment ratio of­fers an im­pres­sive per­for­mance
  18. Check this out: Conny van Rietschoten, of whitbread fame, two time winner and Dutch: in 1948 he sailed his dragon from Cowes to Norway: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conny_van_Rietschoten
  19. My current boat, from a Danish designer: Peter Bruun. He designed only 4-5 sailing yachts, Grinde and Kaskelot were shown in this topic before. I own his smallest design: Marsvin. 22 feet long. I sail her seriously and solo on the North Sea and regularly make 24hr runs of 150miles, sometimes 160.
  20. Some boats that have been important in my life: A traditional dutch "Wieringer bol" yacht. Handmade in during 1964-66 by a small yard for my uncle. All massive oak. Interesting proportions: 6,5m (21ft) long, 3m (6.5ft) wide and draft of less than 50cm (2ft). My first sailing experience. http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-moUT0Zl2nSk/T66J9wm9Q5I/AAAAAAAAG98/t__u1gRaCJo/s2048-no/IMAGE_11C43DEC-A4E4-46FE-9B4F-A7177A53AAE1.JPG
  21. Here is a translations from Dutch Wikipedia. http://translate.google.nl/translate?sl=nl&tl=en&u=http%3A//nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standfast_40%0A It seems that's in 1975 fastnet race a Standfast finished first and second place! In my memory some 30 Standfast40 were sold in the USA.
  22. In this whole topic I'm amazed to see the Frans Maas yard in Breskens Netherlands coming up so many times. I grew up some 15 km from that place and a sailed for 12 years a standfast40 one tonner built there, also a superb yacht!
  23. Some more Dick Carter Rabit: Red Rooster:
  24. Here is a 43 page PDF book of yachts build bij Frans Maas in Breskens Netherlands. There are some 10 Dick Carter designs in it. http://www.anwbwatersport.nl/boten-archief/27548/Frans_Maas_006.pdf
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