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  1. Como te vas Rico? Me gusto a verte Is there some specific reason the focus is on George Soros’ donations and not on the other 30000 people who donated to Gascons campaign? Think carefully!
  2. Careful, IPL. Every bad opinion started as a bad assumption.
  3. You’re mixing up challenge and Challenger. think of it like the ‘33 act can the ‘34 act. The “shall not consider” clause is the ‘33 act and regulates the transaction of a challenge. The club requirements are the ‘34 act and regulate challenger qualifications. The two do not really mix
  4. Oral is pretty entertaining. It’s on the left here. https://www.oyez.org/cases/2020/20-157
  5. “It was mentioned above” by me, and there is no “probably”. At the time I reported that the settlement was said by a good source to be “high 7 figures”
  6. So a complaint and reply and then a dismissal.
  7. I don’t know if there were ever any other pleadings in that case, my memory is that it settled quickly and quietly (and the rumor was that dalts got a big check). Memory ain’t great these days though.
  8. Day 3 after Moderna #1 arm pain 90% gone all other effects gone. second round on my birthday
  9. Of all the posters on SA over the years you are the only one I actually think has a chance of being Larry or one of his right hand men. And no, their only duty is to defend the first valid challenge they receive. I have long maintained that someone should sue to invalidate hip pocket challenges, but I was also in court during the 2007-2010 mess and the judges disabused me of the notion.
  10. You started strong but ended up hip deep in bullshit and hyperbole. The court has very clearly and unanimously explained, most recently in 2009, that it is not the arbiter of the content, fairness or practicability of any challenge so long as it meets the threshold requirements of the deed. It’s a checklist, and it doesn’t include any room for some bullshit about commercial practice or someone’s legitimate challenge received second in time. Dem judges don’t care.
  11. “Favoring” doesn’t mean anything in this context. Monetary penalties are immaterial too. All that matters is timing and validity of the first challenge received following the winning of the cup match. and the only way you’re gonna beat a hip pocket challenge is with a very slick drone delivery to an unsuspecting commodore on the official RNZYS tender.
  12. Oh look; a billionaire wants something he can’t buy. Color me amazed.
  13. Countering the slight fog I have at the moment with quad espresso and a quarter of an adderall. And a 3-4 hour meeting for a cannabis company coming up in 20. Fml.
  14. Last one in my family to get it. I actually waited until I was eligible! the level of rich white privilege in the vaccine roll out is unreal. And for some reason all the Jews seem to get the Moderna... Wouldn’t it be cool if Gates nanobots were real and all the Jews now had superpowers? on second thought....Stephen Miller and Jared kushner
  15. Moderna at a big box clinic. pretty sleepy on day two and some arm pain. Otherwise unremarkable.
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