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  1. Number of green cards annually to Canadians: mexicans: cubans: go!
  2. How many Mexicans and Canadians do we allow in every year dummy
  3. And soon you will all learn what the Abraham Accords were really about. Jared anyone
  4. I think Jeff ran out of adderall this weekend. Either that or the Q shaman took over his SA acct
  5. Proximity also see “false equivalence”. One group receiving preference has no logical implication on other groups receiving or not receiving preference.
  6. You don’t think your complete lack of facts and evidence is obvious do you? you live in an odd echo chamber, just like the government employed elite you are.
  7. Where did you read that I was concerned? I’m slightly amused and slightly saddened by manic depressives in a state, it it ain’t like it’s that rare here. Mikey/comstock is just another side of your coin.
  8. My pleasure. Hopefully it will not be too long a wait to return.
  9. That’s not what is happening at all. He’s a guy with obvious mental issues and a clear dissociation with reality and his own assertions. That’s what it means when someone writes “THATS IT IM LEAVING FOREVER” and then posts again in 5 minutes like it never happened. His wife probably left recently and he is struggling to figure out how to deal with life.
  10. It seems you believe you understand the purposes of this site and/or the Editor, and that you believe the site should be run differently than is his wont. Good luck with that. How many times have you pledged you are leaving? Is it up to three times a day yet? You have battered spouse disease.
  11. Have you told us you were leaving for another decade yet today
  12. We live 4 km from Mount Snow, which is the most alpine of the east coast resorts as it is more of a wide ridge then a single peak. Stratton is 40 minutes away and more of an expert mountain, Bromley is 30 and is more of an easy mountain/family resort. Okemo is a gem but not a lot of housing there. killington is about 2 hrs north and has it all, really two peaks in one, no real town to speak of nearby. You can get an Airbnb that reaches all but killington easily and try a few, or stick to stratton/killington/mount snow and get to know one place. Stowe is probably the best Vermont mountain of al
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