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  1. Yep. Here the COVID found a guy running things who has spent his life learning that backing down from a position means you are nothing but a spineless bitch. Add that to the myth of sunken costs and you have a hell of a combination.
  2. If it could be sold, i think it would have a current value far in excess of what comparable might dictate, possibly even more than Formula 1. Imagine the net worth of the bidders at a private auction! Then again, if it could have been sold to the highest bidder the AC would have at least as good a chance of being extinct right now as anything else.
  3. I woulda loved to be in the room when Tucker, insurance counsel, and general counsel were talking about how to keep Tuckering after the narrow defamation win. “If you phrase everything as a question…and never assert anything…”
  4. “Just asking questions” that’s some weak ass shit
  5. If they are dressing pursuant to criminal law, you may be able to deduce what their government thinks and believes.
  6. The problem is not their bravery. It’s their average IQ.
  7. The defendants are certainly free to assert that they were entrapped. All they have to do is prove they had no predisposition to commit the crimes “dreamed up by the FBI.” Should be no problem to get them off even with that fleshy bubba being turned into a CW
  8. The Court is troubled that Powell is profiting from the filing of this and other frivolous election-challenge lawsuits. See https://defendingtherepublic.org (website of company run by Powell on which donations are solicited to support the “additional cases [being prepared] every day”). Other attorneys for Plaintiffs may be as well, given that their address (according to the filings here) is the same address listed on this website. What is concerning is that the sanctions imposed here will not deter counsel from pursuing future baseless lawsuits because those sanctions will be paid with donor f
  9. Read the decision. Judge didn’t like the Kraken raising money to “launch more suits” and recommended appropriate state bar regulators address the issue of donors paying Krakensanctions. Presumably by disbarring her.
  10. Outside of the us and maybe Canada, English speaking sailors tend to refer to all current as “tide” whether tidal or not. Not sure who wrote fp blurb. For those of you who think a word is inaccurately used on a site where which much of the content comes from non-us contributors, google before opening mouth and inserting foot. Here Endeth the PSA
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