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  1. Nixon was just one in a long line of people who should have been shot for treason against americans. The first anti-drug law in the world was passed in 1875. Jim crow was not just in the south.
  2. 100k/day coming in a few more days. What will the new deaths per day number be when Donald is using his final two months to steal as much money from americans as he can for his defense fund.
  3. She is precisely as ethical as the rest of the republican party.
  4. there is no such thing as a neutral discussion when the conversation includes people who were indoctrinated young with a bullshit narrative. There is no drug war. There is a century-plus-old money and power grab run by politicians and lobbyists who use the term drug war as justification because it scares and motivates the dummies.
  5. about as correct and educated as the rest of what qualifies for 'thought' in your brain
  6. those places seem to have far more in common with some european regions than they do with most of the south.
  7. The drug war has been almost entirely political since the mid 90s, when alcohol and pharma companies figured out they could slow legalization down by appealing to dumb fucking law & order types and paying off politicians. Why else do you think cannabis legalization is supported by some 73% of the population yet the feds still have not descheduled it? You cannot separate politics from legalization unless you don't want to understand how legalization happens.
  8. 1) what line are you talking about? Are you accusing me of using coke you stupid fuck? 2) Your certainty is not in question. Your stupidity isn't either. 3) I have never seen which side of the world? The pacific coast of Mexico where a dozen pangaloads of coke go north every night and I ran up and down for a decade by car and boat? Or the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama where I ran a boat for two years, including when a narco plane fell out of the sky in Bahia Culebra and my crew rescued the pilot? Or maybe in Guatemala where I lived in a town terrorized by narcos, dating th
  9. Plenty still comes in by panga and sub, but numbers wise that is a small piece of the pie, especially since the widespread use of NVG and really high res radar on the USCG and USN interdiction teams. I still think a lot of that shit is local fishermen who lucked into a stash, and a lot are busts that are offered up by the cartels to give the feds PR victories so they don't start LOOKING IN MORE CONTAINERS. It's a shell game designed to appease dumb people, like so much of GOP policy and law. You can see how it works with a guy like nacradriver above. He will condone unquestionably illegal
  10. awww, bravo showed us his fleshlight!
  11. We took two month-long trips to vermont this August and again in late Sept-early Oct, and are currently house shopping there now. At all times we were there, we never saw anyone without a mask indoors. Not once. We went to the waterfalls to go swimming, and even a busload of religious kids were all masked up while they were playing in the stream, outside, on a warm sunny day. It is just not political there. You also see a shit ton of BLM signs in every small town, including on churches in towns with zero black population. It is not political there either. No store will let you in
  12. Apparently they have 20 miles of new wall, and 300 something of replaced fencing, bollards, and such. Most of it will be falling over pretty soon though, given what we know about the contractors and the admin's basic competency level. Meanwhile, last research i saw showed something like 90% of mexico-source drugs coming in via container and truckload through official ports. Cartels know the loss rate, so it's just a number. Stupid fucking republican morons like nacradriver think it's smarter to spend billions on a wall that's already falling over instead of spending it to upgrade CBP's
  13. Before, but definitely after Trump paid a smart kid to take his SATs and several others to take all his exams at college. To someone with Bravo's brain, that means Trump is extra super smart.
  14. that's an interesting thing to be on your mind. Last thing you watched on pornhub last night?
  15. Remember when Wofsey was trying to distract with the pneumonia bullshit? Zitski is like Wofsey without the education.
  16. level of education remains the largest predictor of whether someone will vote against their own interests
  17. Cases, that doesn't matter. Hospitalizations? Hospitalizations, that doesn't matter. Deaths? Deaths, that doesn't matter. Freedom?
  18. You have clearly not hung out with many soviet-raised women, nor many models. Both groups are(were) taught never to smile from day 1. Smiling is an indication of weakness. A small smirk is occasionally permitted, nothing more.
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