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  1. Unfortunately around 40% of likely voters are neither thinking nor decent. we are lucky it is smaller in the forums because of the higher education level of sailors.
  2. she isn't enduring shit. she loves it. give it a rest.
  3. Not our problem. sounds like you have a problem with CBP's shitty work.
  4. Ironic that you want to commit criminal acts. I just figured out that you must have been a cop.
  5. unfortunately those who refuse to educate themselves about anything will often choose stupid, childish answers to complicated questions. See cf. trump.
  6. I am securities counsel for over two dozen companies. Several of them have female CEOs. And you are a sexist cunt!
  7. Drone strikes on suspected drug cartels?
  8. you are the sucker in every single bet aren't you?
  9. How many dead does it take to learn? Clearly it's somewhere between 17,000 and 33,000.
  10. The lenders find the companies and promise them whatever they need to in order to get the deal signed. The lender does not generally permit the company to make any material revisions before signing. The documents are typically very one sided. Whatever bullshit they told the company is not part of the agreement so it never happened. And small cap CEOs are typically overworked, wearing many hats, and sometimes they don't realize they need good lawyers. One one hand, without these guys, small cap/microcap companies would never be able to borrow money. On the other hand, the loans themselve
  11. Mexico? My idea? No, the president, the congress, and everyone else who has ever opened a book knows that Mexico is one of our most important allies and trading partners. you really are scary dumb.
  12. Violence justifies extrajudicial murder? Holy shit, I didn't know Duterte was on this forum! Hey Roddy!
  13. And the research indicates that it is already beginning to get dirtier thanks to four years of shutting down enforcement of environmental regulations. Next year we will see our dirtiest air since the 70s thanks to you and Donny.
  14. Bobilinski funds startups. He loaned a chinese company based in the Caymans a bunch of dough, purchasing a secured convertible preferred note that would permit him to get shares of the company at a significant discount over the market. I'm not sure if it was in addition to or in lieu of the repayment, not reading that far. These are often called 'toxic loans' or 'toxic debt' because they are an end-around to rules administering lenders, returning 200-300% of the value of the loan in a typical deal and occasionally returning 1000% or more. Then again, a lot of them go bankrupt like this C
  15. Look at this guy's name from the case files: Hugh Dickson of Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman),
  16. Just read complaint and answer. That sure explains a lot. The Order of Attachment explains the rest, and it was literally just issued a week or two ago.
  17. nacra thinks its a good idea to murder randoms in allied countries from the sky. mmhmm. nothing wrong with that.
  18. It seems that the dodger is in office, the weaver is spinning yarns, and if wholly submissive attack dog AG Barr don't announce an indictment soon over the EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE (given to his rudyness), your boy going to prison in less than a year.
  19. Good thing too. Without Trump, their war would be escalating rapidly. Trump should get another Bay of Pigs Award.
  20. AG Barr is far too ethically responsible to use his department in aid of the president's political wishes, of course. That's gotta be it.
  21. I was a lot shorter in the 70s than I am today, though I guess I am shrinking now.
  22. They are. Here are some facts. Apologies they are from september, a bit outdated, though things have contracted since then.
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