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  1. It'll always be more brand-based than commodity based, but just wait til you see what happens to prices when the American heartland can start growing volume outdoors. Growing conoisseur-level weed is very expensive, but growing good weed just takes equipment and land and basic ag skills. The margins will come down fast after federal legalization and the mid size operators will disappear in bankruptcy or acquisition by Philip Morris or whoever. If anything, the legal weed business will likely look like the beer business in a decade, though at a larger scale. A few giant anheiser busch
  2. Anyone know a good laptop repairman who can take over Dr. Scott Atlas' white house duties?
  3. You are not a great reader. What does the qualifier after 'young men' say, hmmmm? You are also perhaps unaware that the statement young men of respectable family was used as a callout in those days to those who lived in terror that their 'respectable young men' would turn out gay - an affliction caused by opium, apparently, and not their own genes. One just did not use the word 'homosexual' in polite company.
  4. No and no. Wouldn't take all the fields in canada to grow all the weed the world needs. There would be plenty of extra space for cows. Canada's kinda big.
  5. Adderall lasts 10-12 hours, low IQ individual.
  6. now that is some truth right there. The stuff my clients propose almost daily blows my fucking mind. I think I said "No, you can't do that or you will go to prison" a half dozen times this week to securities clients, several of whom are likely worth somewhere between 500M and 1B. One of them has even been already!
  7. When it comes to the DOJ, past performance is a good indicator of future performance. What's their record on anti-trust actions lately, hmmm? I'm going out on a limb to say that the Google action will be anticlimactic at best. At middle, it will be at least as humiliating for DOJ as the ass pounding they took on the ATT/Time-Warner merger reversal. At worst, there will be scandals, sanctions from judges, and resigning anti-trust division staff. Here's some light reading on the recent history of anti-trust. But antitrust policy and enforcement declined during the fourth cy
  8. My only problem with vegan chicks is the smell they emit from their ass
  9. required by the agreement he made
  10. The nastiness comes, at least in part, when people who have lost family members see you downplay the risks of the virus. It makes them want you to not die, but to catch covid and get a few years of elevated heart rate and recurring lung issues like something like 20-40% of everyone who has to go to the hospital for this disease.
  11. That sucks. If the government doesn't have to make healthcare available to all americans, it should at least do so for those for the poor, for the elderly, and for those who sacrificed so much of their lives, health, and education (can't resist, sorry) to serve in the military.
  12. They don't even got 'this' yet. They have people saying there is some 'this'.
  13. hmmmm. That's interesting Which republicans? The minority in the Senate, the minority in the House, or the minority on the Supreme Court?
  14. Fortunately I don't have a thing for "A Southern Man" like you very obviously do, though the song is good. Good news for you: Lindsay looks like he is going to have some free time to hang out with you in your love cotttage!
  15. Hmmmm, let's see. Average lifespan by country: Infant mortality by country (we are 33th of 36 OECD countries)
  16. Hmm. Looks like the means test was added in 1996 and was income based, and in 2003, the Bush admin added net worth as an evaluative factor, reducing the number of vets that the VA needed to care for for free. Obama admin removed the net worth factor in 2015. Was it just about income or did they ask you for your asset values as well?
  17. Who signed that new rule into place and how is that OK?
  18. it's very hard to keep up with such EXPLOSIVE news that no one has actually seen evidence of.
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