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  1. Hmmmm, let's see. Average lifespan by country: Infant mortality by country (we are 33th of 36 OECD countries)
  2. Hmm. Looks like the means test was added in 1996 and was income based, and in 2003, the Bush admin added net worth as an evaluative factor, reducing the number of vets that the VA needed to care for for free. Obama admin removed the net worth factor in 2015. Was it just about income or did they ask you for your asset values as well?
  3. Who signed that new rule into place and how is that OK?
  4. it's very hard to keep up with such EXPLOSIVE news that no one has actually seen evidence of.
  5. She is a piece of shit eastern european karen who loves his racism and the fact he believes he is superior to everyone, just like most eastern european karens and their leaders believe. Scumbags of a feather...
  6. Weird that he isn't bringing charges in such an obviously illegal situation. Maybe they'll add it to the Durham Report. Any day now!
  7. Is Schiff the guy who runs the DOJ? What's that guy doing about this EXPLOSIVE new info that no one seems to be able to see?
  8. No, when I moved there it was the greatest thing. Took a while to figure out the real deal, turns out I was wrong. it happens. It's still beautiful and a great place to be an outdoorsman. Just has a southern problem.
  9. The shooter was defending freedom with his 2nd amendment rights
  10. the lincoln project forum plugin seems to be working.
  11. LP seems to have submitted the same kind of high quality work they are known so well for.
  12. i'm not saying it's the mark of the devil but his ethical decisions certainly make more sense now.
  13. "Chance to win" isn't a figure you can measure for accuracy after a single event, and IMO is just as useful as fight or football odds...in other words, not useful. Nate's models got the popular vote percentages to within a percent IIRC. And again, "popular vote" is a red herring used by both parties to distract people who are unable to process the idea of a single race that depends on 50 outcomes, not one outcome.
  14. yeah i'm sure CBS has plenty of shows that can average 10M viewers in that time slot. They could launch a sitcom starring Scott Baio as a comedic doctor in the white house. They'll call it Dr. Atlas Shrugged.
  15. Nate was pretty much exactly right regarding the 2016 popular vote. That's that thing that doesn't have a single piece of legal significance in the USA.
  16. If he broke the contract and they don't sue him immediately, fuck them.
  17. Hey Tom how come libertarians thinks states should be allowed to ban drugs?
  18. Can't have women thinking for themselves after all
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