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  1. Over 1000 again? But dog assured us that Covid wasn't deadly any more. What gives?
  2. And are you aware that the interrnational anti-drug scheme that most first world countries operate under began with the US's first drug ban in San Francisco in 1870 something and evolved into the current shitshow, which was exported to the world via the the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, as amended by the 1972 Protocol; the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, 1971, and the Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, 1988. Guess why? The menfolk who wrote that SF law didn't like the fact that "many women and young girls, as well as you
  3. Do you understand that humans have been using 'drugs' like cannabis, alcohol, coca leaves, and willow bark for tens or hundreds of thousands of years?
  4. I'd love to be the chief of staff who brought Lindsay the offer "I will put you on my cabinet if you come out in public"
  5. Jeff might, though he will try to rationalize it away. None of the others will even watch it. "Drug war" is a catchy term designed to fool stupid people and give cover to bad people.
  6. What's a $2B dumpster fire between friends
  7. Biden will likely win the popular by 10M or more
  8. mmhmmmmm. I have a feeling Wess was that guy at the regatta
  9. Not really. I agree it is not a productive way to change someone's mind, but calling a racist asshole a racist asshole is not the same as calling a black person a denigratory term.
  10. Don't have to assess intelligence when you can assess profit motive.
  11. I've lived in a dozen states and 3 countries for long enough to learn the culture. There are three places that stood out as significantly more racist than anywhere else. 1) South Carolina vs. black people; 2) Tel Aviv vs. arabs in the late 80s and 3) Marseilles vs. arabs in the 90s A disturbing percentage of the people I met were comfortable with some level of animalizing their chosen target. To be fair to the Marseillaise and Tel Avivim, both groups saw lots of pain and suffering caused by arabs when I noted their heightened hatred for the people. I wonder what South Ca
  12. I love bugs, but the wife doesn't. The trip to the ER for epinephrine after she went anaphylactic from fire ants was the last straw. I was broadcasting live from the beach at the Great Texas 300 when I got the call that she was in the hospital for breathing problems. Fun. As for Jesus (or any sky fairy), Ima pass.
  13. the leaders of which are all Trump buddies. Coincidence?
  14. old guard votes to keep stars and bars outrage ensues title sponsor takes their ball and goes home old guard votes to change their stars and bars may not be a victory, but it is a defeat for some at least
  15. Apparently it was some guys on planes...from Saudi Arabia...
  16. children having shit thrown at them by a truck full of rednecks yelling NIGGER see value in perpetuating racism. umm...ok?
  17. I have a hunch that the polling in several smaller states relies on a very outdated model, and the polling itself is not robust. If any of the religious whacks are going to take a moral stand, it's Moronia. And if the black community in SLC can get the vote out like they are doing in places like GA, I can see it.
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