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  1. lol we were kind of in and out in less than 3 years. #1 reason: bugs. #2 reason: racists and jesus freaks fucking everywhere. As a bonus, several prominent antisemites at at least two YCs.
  2. Redlined And based on the views of the vast majority of the american people, it's not particularly political anymore.
  3. You want to keep kids from playing tackle football, boxing, and mma until they are 23?? I thought you were always bitching about too many nanny state laws. Besides, the cerebral cortex doesn't stop developing until around 25, not 23. and it's 'fare'
  4. This one is based primarily on the level of long term stupid in a district
  5. And that youthful adult's parents are to blame!
  6. I was never anything special. I'd ride the commuter train into NYC for $2.25 and skateboard down to washington square park as a teen. Sometimes they let me play speed chess. I was fast but average until I went to rehab, where my first roomie was an actual genius (and heroin addict). We played enough for me to realize I would probably spend my life in that space where you can beat anyone who isn't a regular chess player to a pulp, but can never beat anyone who is a regular chess player. Still the same...
  7. I love when they just go 100% transference and don't even see it.
  8. adding 100 SCOTUS justices is still simpler.
  9. "end run" is like 'technicality'. it's a word that uneducated people use to describe things they do not understand. Let's educate you for the 9740th time. The constitution gives SPECIFIC POWER to congress to create the federal judiciary and the rules under which it operates, including the size of the SCOTUS. If you forgot, go read it again. Just like their life term is (sort of) written down, and the President and Senate's roles are written down. That means the signatories expressly intended those things to happen. It seems that when you do not like something, you say "th
  10. Elo still used ??? That's how long it has been.
  11. There is no legal case for impeachment, Jeff. Are you unable to process information today? The factual case is that she attested that her application was complete despite withholding a quantity of incriminating information from her submissions. her excuse? "But there were 1600 pages!!!!!" She is a proven liar under oath.
  12. A game of chess is a bitch fight? Careful Jeff, you're showing your uneducated side again.
  13. Once again, why would anyone need to have a convention when you can solve the problems by adding a few states, doubling the size of the judiciary, and shepherding the national popular vote compact? Much, much simpler and faster.
  14. Maybe we should play chess first. I don't wanna lose that vermont house to some detroit asshole
  15. Then I'm 6'5. And I guess I hit the IQ number on the head
  16. The marriage didn't soften me much. The kid turned me into a marshmellow. I just turned down a loaded client with a complicated case without much risk that would have brought in 50k or so. My reason? Too much drama. lol
  17. Lead counsel was a dude who is now the president of the IJ, which was founded and run for decades largely on donations from Charlie and David (may he rot in pieces) Koch.
  18. Fair points. I was never really sure of the boat's potential other than as a test bed or maybe, if it had the right marketing and travel program, as a HALO boat.
  19. Indiana is one of the dumbest states in the country. Ohio flips before IN does in my opinion.
  20. How old were you when you first started posting? 20 years will soften up almost anything
  21. That you think being against overt racism is 'political' says an awful lot about you Tom.
  22. Journalists almost never have any mind for marketing, and all are free to state their choice. I don't know about 'others' who 'pretend' things. The first thing a journalist learns in the first journalism class is that there has never been an unbiased journalist (or human). Only very dumb people think the idea of 'unbiased person' is real.
  23. Jeff is about 5'7" and quite smart for an air force vet. Call it 127. I'll put up 500k against either one of you fucks
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