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    no, but feel free to choose one Traitor Seditionist Fascist Cuck Antisemite Racist
  2. Seeing as how I didn’t own any boats 15 years ago and was paid to drive melges 24s around the country for a living back then, I am afraid you have me confused with someone else...either that or you had another episode without your meds. I wouldn’t accuse you of just making shit up because that would be presumptuous.
  3. Mikey, the arbiter of inclusion? just pissed myself a little
  4. I apologize for jumping down your throat. I get triggered when goyim like Jeff make claims that Jews are typically religious when I have found the exact opposite to he true time and time again. To have you pile on with the “Arab or Iberian” shit sent me into overdrive because I’ve repeatedly heard the same inaccurate characterization and I’m just tired of it- there’s no excuse for an adult to not know this stuff in the Information Age. Finally, calling an assertion a question because you stick “correct?” at the end of it is some bullshit. It’s called a “leading question” and is reserved for
  5. This is a teachable moment then. The above is not a “question” unless you also think “so you technically have raped a dozen women, correct?” is a legitimate question were it to be asked of you. In other words, the basic assumptions of the “question” are false, and it is not written in the form of a question. it is preferable to include the inquisitory words at the beginning of the question to signal that you are asking a question and not making some completely bullshit, offensive assertion based on what you might have learned at Sunday christian school when you wer
  6. Probably best to write it like a question then rather than an assertion.
  7. And when, precisely, do you think this began?
  8. You wrote “you are technically Arab or Iberian” which indicates you have made no effort to gain understanding as of yet. Here’s your first hint: the first mention of the word “Arab” in any language was in the mid ninth century BCE, at least 400 years (and possibly as much as 1200) after Israelites settled in Hebron. The absence of pig bones in archeological sites of the canaanites likely indicates the Jews in the region go back even further. im not sure what was going on in Iberia back then but there sure weren’t any Jews or arabs
  9. “The future” pissing myself
  10. You should read some books before speaking on this subject again.
  11. When someone tells you what they are, just nod and say “okay.” There are few things less relevant or more useless than unsolicited and uninformed opinions of other peoples’ stated religious or ethnic identity.
  12. Dictionaries are for lazy people. I am Jewish, my family is Jewish, and that’s just how it is, regardless of what “practices” we engage in or refrain from.
  13. I am ethnically Jewish and spiritually atheist. You can disagree, but you are wrong.
  14. That’s ok, but the apology should probably be for assuming that being Jewish means believing in a deity.Judaism is an ethnicity for all Jews (except converts) but a religion only to the 80-ish percent of Jews who believe in fairy tales.
  15. Branding isn’t about accomplishments. It’s about the appearance of accomplishments. Sometimes they are the same.
  16. Correct. She has positioned herself perfectly for the next response to the next pendulum swing. If Biden knocks it out of the park on covid and the economy recovers quickly enough, there’s a real chance the senate goes +10 dems in 2022, and the Democratic Party has the luxury of fighting themselves for the future of the party in power. If the progressive wing wins before republicans figure out some unbeatable new voter suppression tactic, AOC could be the first female prez of the usanians
  17. AOC’s approval in her district is at an all time high. She is on track and on brand.
  18. 1) it was never even an issue, the feds don’t have to mandate shit. All they have to do is use the spending power, which is pretty much always constitutional. “The receipt of all covid relief funds specified in this section by any agency, state, tribe, or territory is conditioned on the state’s adoption of a mask mandate in substantially the following form...said mandate to expire only upon approval of CDC...” 2) half the population has an IQ under 100, which is coincidentally mostly the half preyed on from birth by groups which seek to condition and groom them to believe lies and fantas
  19. Oh look it’s the guy who got kicked off all the other websites for being a cunty fanboi
  20. It’s pretty clear who the pussy is in this exchange, and it ain’t the guy talking about Arabs.
  21. There weren’t any radio talk show hosts available??
  22. Jonny boy is just angry that all the people of color were so much better qualified than all the white candidates. Better grades, better schools, more experience. though the Indiana talk show host was a hell of a qualified pick by jzk and friends, much more than AG of a state bigger than half of America out together.
  23. For those of you who are not immune to learning, this law review article has a good explanation of the existing state of jurisprudence on liability for third party statements.
  24. That’s because it is not a discussion. As usual, you have the very basic and simple facts wrong. Whether it is the host or guest who utters defamatory content is completely irrelevant to the analysis of whether the person re-publishing the defamatory statement has liability therefore.
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