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  1. No, that was a good sled dog. A leader would keep the lack with him. Huskies are not ideal pets because they are good sled dogs. Just like Dean is not a world class AC72 driver because he is a great monohull match racer. Even Jimmy falls into this category though he is close to the boundary. In order to turn a husky into a good pet, you have to start breaking the running predisposition before he is weaned. Dean missed that boat for his age, and we will never know how Amwow would have done if Nathan or Rashley or Bora or Rast or Slingers or any other top ten mothie would’ve done on t
  2. Someone forgot what multihull “foiling” was before etnz 72. Do you really not remember “w” foils on the GC? Fill yer hands?
  3. Depends. Is the kind of harm prevented by adding them to the No Fly List also prevented by them not voting? also...depending on where they live, the felony will take their right to vote away anyway
  4. Can you explain this statement? I am not a bk lawyer but I review bk docs frequently and am not aware of the “special IRS obligation”.
  5. Far as I know all bankruptcies are public. Anyone with a pacer account can see all filings.
  6. I’m not disparaging any of their bona fides at winning sailboat races. I merely point out my longtime mantra when forecasting future performance: its best indicator is past performance. Luna Rossa selected their “skipper” and unique driver setup for branding and political reasons. Magic, Ineos for trust and ego reasons. I know which team my money is on, though I’d be equally happy for ineos or NZ to win it.
  7. Careful, it is felony counterfeiting in some places. Those plaques are same as currency or a stock medallion. They’ll add that to Wess’s indictment along with taking that picture with Viking hat guy in Nancy Pelosi’s office.
  8. how many foiling championships does TH have under his belt? I haven’t updated myself.
  9. The fuck does “first to do it” have to do with performance? Goodie is one of the most talented 3 foiling helmsman on earth yet the aged guy who has never won a foiling event as a helmsman is driving.
  10. Not in foilers he ain’t. of course let’s just leave the multiple moth world champ on the main and deano on the helm Makes sense.
  11. A retraction can mean the difference in regard to punitive damages. They also shut down comments. “We either shut down comments or we shut down the site.” For context, the award mentioned above was I think 4M in compensatories and 10M in punitives.
  12. This is better https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/01/a_statement_about_the_decision_to_shut_down_comments.html?utm_source=vuukle&utm_medium=newsfeed
  13. Daily stormer almost gone too. New filings from one of the people awarded multi million judgments against Anglin came earlier this week I think. They gonna take it all.
  14. You’re confusing asset seizure pursuant to a federal media fraud/defamation/misleading statements statute with civil asset forfeiture due to the drug war. is this conflation intentional or just a silly error on your part?
  15. I have a strong suspicion that Newsmax, OANN, Gateway Pundit, and Epoch Times are going to have a very Gawker-esque year and I would predict that all four either disappear or move offshore this year. Fox want to go harder right but their lawyers may not let them depending on what the Smartmatic and Dominion suits allege. My understanding is that plaintiff’ counsel are researching all the ownership and corporate/affiliate structure so they can properly plead all the special damages with respect to these entities.
  16. Fairness doctrine ain’t the answer. Laws imposing penalties for unprotected speech that incites or misleads are the answer. Doesn’t even need to be the government who brings the action though civil enforcement actions and asset seizure would be appropriate. Call it treble damages for intentionally misleading statements plus punitives, with any audience member holding the right to bring a civil action. Class action expressly approved. Whistleblowers get 1/3 of any recovery. Watch how fucking fast the news goes back to being fact based (and me hang out a new shingle)
  17. Eviscerated this complaint going down faster than Sidney’s Kraken https://cdn.pacermonitor.com/pdfserver/LHNWTAI/137249864/Parler_LLC_v_Amazon_Web_Services_Inc__wawdce-21-00031__0010.0.pdf
  18. Ivanka is very ladylike except for that 7” cock she has in her pants.
  19. I can’t possibly think of any reason Twitter and Facebook would suddenly start enforcing anti-violence rules and moderation requirements. It’s not like anything major happened over the last week.
  20. Apple served a case and desist already for publishers claiming “collusion” regarding action against Parler. Knowing their law firms ima guess there was a specific focus by the players to not do anything that would resemble collusion. “but they did it at the same time!!!!” crazy, right? There can’t be any other reason these companies would turn on parler at the same time!!
  21. The tears they are so sweet https://twitter.com/RayRedacted/status/1348388601118273537?s=20
  22. Their government is confused though at his continued requests to speak to George.
  23. Easy now tiger, you’re not supposed to get as ornery as your dad for at least another decade
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