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  1. Great post. Never forget the tax pros even if they make your eyes glaze over! We recommend doeren mayhew when possible. 10x ebitda is quite high for that size company, which is what let them sneak all the subtractions in. PEG docs have all the tricks in them, if your lawyers don’t know what to look for, it can mean you take in 20-30% less than you thought the contract said.
  2. As grabbler posted, often the solution that gets you to your desired price includes a combination of purch. price, post-close consulting or employment, IP transfer, non-competition, and goodwill. earnout clauses are very common, I just did a fairly complicated one for a company that serviced banks, seller gets 50% of all gross profit above a certain amount for 2 years, and 50% of all revs from sales of any new products he creates in that time. Helps motivate him to make an effective transition and work hard for the two years after sale.
  3. This may be a bit extragranular, maybe you will find it useful. One pdf is sell-side process, the other is valuation. https://www.dropbox.com/t/Pjep24DQAEDe8DYp
  4. the market axiom for sole proprietorships is “owners brain does not require logic” P/E ratios are not particularly useful at this business size. Most seller brokers or M&A specialists would advise you to pick your happy number, and then figure out a way to justify the valuation. Replacement value, enterprise value, some multiple of ebidta for range, and the all-important discount rate adjustments. For acquirers in the same field, more adjustments may be available in your favor (for licenses, permits, etc). the final big adjuster is for value of non-compete agreement, IP, and goodw
  5. Judging from a social media post a couple weeks ago, Wess might never be back. Something about “FREEDOM” and his rights I hope he’s not part of the new confederacy’s coming and short-lived rebellion
  6. Now you have to have NBC Sports GOLD membership to see them on the nbscn app. That’s the little gold key on this image. or spend 3$ a month for a VPN that gives you five devices worth of ass hiding.
  7. Pete approaches every media appearance with the following mantra: “I will never say anything that might give my opponents a single second on the course.” Cares zero about branding, legacy, etc. Cares only about winning. it only looks like arrogance because we are so used to sports figures desperate for clicks and fans.
  8. Free on YouTube in USA for 3$/ month with vpn I use this: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/buy-vpn/official-site/?aff_sub1=private internet access&?aff_sub2={campaignname}&gclid=Cj0KCQiAw_H-BRD-ARIsALQE_2P2uFt-NRSiJEkDg8wWG0zSwfs7fjy0qOdGT4HjLpBfhgNOQf4EcOgaApiXEALw_wcB
  9. If you don’t have a VPN or can’t figure out how to watch free streams then you don’t deserve it. It’s 2020. and grant dalton does not keep his promises
  10. Ya gotta admit it is entertaining as hell watching them play lawyers on tv
  11. You spend over 5 hours on average here each day. That’s active browsing, not just leaving windows open.
  12. Fwiw mike has been booted most frequently to prevent him from harming himself, which we believe he is prone to. Two or three times for false posting of covid info too.
  13. If you are in an area where the ICUs are overloaded hopefully you will do the right thing and stay home should you need intense care. Can’t imagine you’d want to take a scarce bed from someone who chose not to go to the gym.
  14. You may need to update your definition of ‘consensus’ Tom
  15. Goddamn it. He was a friend for a long time. I’m so sorry for his girl. Fair winds bro.
  16. They passed weed in fucking South Dakota. AOC, like Bernie, knows what the future of the party wants. If you’re over 40 or 50 it’s hard to understand I think.
  17. Funny thing is that Kim won mostly because of the perception of the scandies as much harder to corrupt than the Italians. And Kim gets axed because of his corruption. This fucking world...
  18. Sounds like Boris and Trump have the same advisers
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