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  1. most of the 2nd and 3rd world apparently has a far better medical system and government than the USA, which is why their economies are not tanking nearly as bad as ours, and why they haven't had to ride out a storm for a year with no income. My Burmese, Chinese, and Vietnamese clients are busier now than pre-pandemic. I sure am grateful to have left the boating biz when I did.
  2. INEOS will be fine with pressure. Historically that is not Ben's issue. Luna Rossa on the other hand tends to explode with pressure, plus their crew selections often do not operate purely on merit.
  3. Alternative fact, maybe. Are you that bad at reading or does lying just come naturally to you?
  4. i guess you haven't been paying attention to the only real controversy this season regarding hamilton. Carry on.
  5. By every possible metric Lewis has now eclipsed them all. Fangio, Senna, Schumacher. Why bother addressing 'naysayers' when their are no facts left to bitch about other than their racism?
  6. As usual, you are an idiot. Over 40%. It was less than 15% up until the late 90s https://www.ntacourier.com/index.php/node/541#:~:text=According to recent data compiled,citizens have a valid passport.
  7. I would love to see a consortium of lawyers throw down just like they did in the first big tobacco class action. This time, a class action for defamation. Every person who called Joe Biden a 'criminal', for starters. After the GOP put an actual criminal into power, now they think it's OK to call everyone else a criminal.
  8. You mean Trump didn't fix it despite having complete control of the government for 2 years? What the fuck was he doing then?
  9. He's sad. 48,000 words of bullshit didn't seem to keep LP from failing.
  10. Ahhh, south carolina. The land of undereducation and sky fairies.
  11. wars haven't solved problems since 1945. They kill lots of people and occasionally shift borders or leadership. Doesn't matter what kind of war it is, outcome always the same.
  12. you must have had some fucked up childhood
  13. No, it's totally real and EXPLOSIVE (even if it's been for sale for over a year). The AG is just a very careful, proper professional when using legal process, and he doesn't want to rush it. Sounds like Barr, right?
  14. Anyone know who the person is who is running this core mission? We all know it ain't the boss. Who have they tapped into who has a track record of supporting grass roots sailing, and is it a full time job?
  15. Same as every document I've seen over the past 15 years prepared by Rastey or his team: Embarrassing.
  16. Fox reported it is already with the FBI. EXPLOSIVE! Look for barr to announce charges on November 1st and then drop them on November 5.
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