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  1. Great cite of Evo repeating an idea I first heard when I was 8. Brilliant work jt
  2. “Serve” meaning “entertain”
  3. joe rogan-my pillow guy Tucker carlson-alex jones herschel walker-Scott baio the Rock-Kevin hart
  4. No it is not even remotely sad. Sooner or later all anti-fact movements run into something (the “anti-bullshit tragedy”) that doesn’t care about branding or messaging or any other non fact bullshit, and then they suffer until they either accept reality or die. The longer they are allowed to spread, the more powerful they grow, and the more tragic the eventual anti-bullshit tragedy will be. COVID has improved the chance that the worlds’ gullible - in other words, the uneducated and the religious believers - will be less amenable to being used as cannon fodder for the GOP in its que
  5. Cheapest program ever to reduce the influence of the religious. If there is a duty smart Americans have, it is to speed it all up.
  6. 1) I am nothing if not interesting 2) absolutely recommend it especially for your lifestyle. Make an appointment with someone reputable when you are here next and they will tell you after an exam if you are a candidate. May effect your night vision, specifically halos around lights. Annoying but totally worth it IMO. And relatively cheap. It was 15k per eye when I was 25.
  7. The same Gottlieb who said it would be mostly over by the spring and we’d be back to normal by summer? Seems like a good source to hang your hat on.
  8. For better or worse I grew up in the optical industry. piece of shit dad was an executive, he spent most of my formative years founding eye industry conferences and shit, and I got dragged all over the vision world for some years. Interestingly I had LASIC when it was very new, had perfect vision for 15 years, saw it go back to nearsightedness with a diopter of -3 or so (compared to pre-lasic of -9.5), and have had my eyes improve again to -1.5 between 44 and 48
  9. Farsightedness tends to peak in ones late 40s, most peoples’ prescriptions start to decrease after that. Normal.
  10. Weird that scotus didn’t take it up despite the obvious disagreement amongst the ct.app circuits.
  11. Now if only the Hunger Games Supreme Court will overturn roe v wade before the 2022 election, we might finally be able to get some much overdue legislation signed over the following 6 years.
  12. I know that words are not your strong suit rico, so let me point our your mistake: I didn’t ask calmaga to “say” who accepts robbery and assault as he straw mans in his OP. I asked him to show it. I understand your desire to rescue a fellow traveler going down in flames for being a poor reader and now going full infowars “da books is cooked buy my supplements!!!!” still waiting for any coherent fact supporting the “robbery/assault is now acceptable” thesis. Your turn.
  13. I’m so very pleased with these developments. We should be cheering desantis. He is doing the hard work of raising the IQ of his electorate and reducing the ranks of the religious, the recipe for getting him and his kind out of office forever. Yahweh works in mysterious ways. Hallelujah.
  14. What sol is asking is to please explain your post with English words. Your assumption is “this is acceptable”. Now please show who accepts robbery and assault.
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