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  1. 100M on cleaning up the ocean…so egregious. Better it should go to some crypto DAO or TSLA? Dope.
  2. I can’t find the 44 knot run on Foncia, but here’s the 37.7 knot one on Race for Water. Both MOD 70 in one design trim (pre-foiling)
  3. No one coulda seen that coming /purple
  4. After kyle gets acquitted, the next ammosexual incel at a BLM protest will have a quiet blade slipped between his ribs.
  5. I don’t see the DC Ct app staying this.
  6. My dog and brothers dog both went right around the inflatable. Vet says doesn’t really work for big dogs. Radar dish still the standard of care at 100 lbs.
  7. Depends on the state but generally yes. Estate is bound by terms of decedent’s contract.
  8. charged but all acquitted
  9. That’s the misdemeanor/manslaughter rule and a diff fact pattern If Baldwin was committing an intentional criminal act and the death occurred during the commission of the act, he catches one too there is no indication anything like that happened though
  10. Certainly speaks to the negligence of the crew but and the production under Respondeat Superior but criminal charges for even the armorer would surprise me.
  11. More great legal analysis. It’s more likely you never hear another word about a lawsuit because a) even the lowest budget movie (which this isn’t) will have contracts in place with mandatory arbitration and b) the family will likely want closure and a check quickly rather than over the course of arbitration and/or litigation. If someone sprinkled live rounds in with the rest this is a different conversation. Didn’t some disgruntled crew walk off the set a few days earlier?
  12. Free kiddie-finger guillotines with every boat!
  13. Sailmakers’ legal analyses are so entertaining.
  14. Didn’t think about it much, my brain wasn’t working that well after four hours In a hospital bed. Mer said “why don’t you ask for a vaccine while you’re there” and I said to medic Larry “wife said I should ask for vaccine”. Few minutes later they stuck it in.
  15. Lovely work porthos. Would be a good treatment for a 1-L textbook teaching meaning of dicta if you search the forums you will probably find a play by play thread i authored from the courtroom that day
  16. Went in to urgent care in Manchester VT for a heart scare this past Sunday, turned out to be nothing but while there I grabbed my Moderna booster and a flu shot. Had same soreness in arm, and as of this morning had a fraction of the spaciness and general malaise that kept me in bed for 24 hours after shot #2. So far so good. I do have these scales starting to grow at the base of my skull…good thing the kid likes lizards! Oh and my Verizon iPhone is working amazingly well. Signal just seems a little stronger.
  17. Yep. Here the COVID found a guy running things who has spent his life learning that backing down from a position means you are nothing but a spineless bitch. Add that to the myth of sunken costs and you have a hell of a combination.
  18. If it could be sold, i think it would have a current value far in excess of what comparable might dictate, possibly even more than Formula 1. Imagine the net worth of the bidders at a private auction! Then again, if it could have been sold to the highest bidder the AC would have at least as good a chance of being extinct right now as anything else.
  19. I woulda loved to be in the room when Tucker, insurance counsel, and general counsel were talking about how to keep Tuckering after the narrow defamation win. “If you phrase everything as a question…and never assert anything…”
  20. “Just asking questions” that’s some weak ass shit
  21. If they are dressing pursuant to criminal law, you may be able to deduce what their government thinks and believes.
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