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  1. Given the interest in builds, might it make sense to have a Build Anarchy?

    Might be some ad revenue in it, and give the whole industry a shot in the arm.

    1. SydVicious


      I think hour on the money...... People want to know what's in build/on the cards. Especially considering a percentage of us are in the industry as well as sailing.....

    2. couchsurfer


      ...not a bad idea,,,but methinks probably better to keep builds in their boat-type sections

    3. tomasis


      make Class 950 alive??

  2. is learning the new board.

  3. Another nice interview. You're getting good at this. Keep them coming.

  4. Past commodore lives the fucking GoPro. Laser and M24, Check it --

    KG was GoPro before GoPro was .... cool. Love ya mate and love to Mer and the pooch.

  5. Good on -ou for what -o're doing but SA might be a dead lead ........a good one but reach out and don't get ummmm ............WD

  6. Hi mate. Its Keith from dubai,

    sort of understand your point of view. Don't understand all the personal attacks though. you Just keep on Keeping on. I enjoy all your coverage and appreciate your points of view.

  7. Great coverage! Keep doing what you are doing.

  8. yo wassup? looking for Steves boat down here in port huron cant find him this year. you know the boat you took out last year to start of race and they all called us rednecks or something like that. if you see him or find him send me a shout i lost his number..

  9. nice photos Mr. Clean i viewed your website good team racing..




    Expedition" rel="external nofollow">http://www.shaitanofcorsica.com">Expedition Yacht

  10. Thanks A! You're the best.

  11. Clean, you, Clean Jr. (JC) and the crew did an awesome job at the littleAC loved it, the only thing I would want is a bit more res on the footage, but other than that, great! dave

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