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  1. 3 hours ago, crashtack said:

    So you're unhappy that LE's platform/funding doesn't allow journalists to subsist off of it?

    Who are you talking to? Nothing I wrote has the slightest relationship to my happiness or the lack thereof.   

  2. 15 minutes ago, crashtack said:


    As long as there's more sailing for us to enjoy, who cares how or why its funded? Watch till the money runs dry, and maybe, just maybe it'll become self-sustaining.

    The people who care are the several thousand people around the world whose livelihoods depend on how or why event media is funded, and those who have been working on growth and sustainability issues for decades.   

    I don’t know anyone who has a a problem with Ellison spending the money, so I’m not sure which straw man you are arguing against. 

  3. Lightning kills two golfers in Lakeland

    Published Sep. 13, 2005
    Two golfers died Monday on a North Lakeland golf course when lightning struck a tree they were standing under during an afternoon thunderstorm, Polk County sheriff's officials said.
    Steve Kester, 43, of Lakeland and Doug Staley, 37, of Dallas apparently died from the lightning strike about 3 p.m. at Huntington Hills Golf & Country Club, said sheriff's Lt. Paul Baggett.
    A third golfer in the same party, identified by detectives as Scott Miller, 33, of Garland, Texas, was sitting in a golf cart and was not injured, said club pro Brian Harris, who oversees golf course operations at the club.

    "He came up and told me his friends were down," Harris said. "That's when I called 911."
    Kester worked for Publix Super Markets Inc. in the company's corporate office, sheriff's officials said.
    Staley and Miller, who worked together, flew in from Texas on Monday on a business trip. Miller checked into a Lakeland hotel Monday evening and could not be reached.

    The three men were near a grove of about eight trees next to the green on the par-4 12th hole.
    A light rain had been falling for several minutes before the first lightning strike in the area.
    "We were playing at the same time and they let us pass," said Todd Konopnicki, 25, of Lakeland. "It's sad because it could have been us. If they'd have stayed in the cart, they'd have been okay."
    Jamie Howell, 24, also of Lakeland, said he and Konopnicki finished their round before the first lightning strike, and they were at the clubhouse when Miller rode up on his golf cart.
    "He was in shock," Howell said. "I was there when the firefighter told him (that Kester and Staley) didn't make it. His face just went "Oh.' He looked bad.
    "They were standing there talking and bam! The first bolt hit the tree and the two guys just froze solid and fell back," Howell said. "(Miller) said one guy's gold chain was smoking on his chest. He said he didn't touch them; he just left to get help."

    Harris, the club pro, said the Huntington Hills course does not have a siren to warn golfers of approaching heavy weather.
    "I have a hand-held lightning detector that detects electricity in the air for several miles," Harris said. "I had it out, but most of the people were already in off the course.

  4. 18 minutes ago, EYESAILOR said:

    Thx Clean......I like your input because you actually did this stuff for a while.

    I was actually referring to sports in general in my last line. My point on SailGP is that by perhaps they are trying to mimic that. 

    You are correct though, viewership and especially TV viewership is non existent in sailing. But perhaps better for You Tube and streaming.

    Anyway.....from the revenue model shared by SailGP, they place little reliance on TV rights. The revenues they forecast are city hosts and then sponsorship. The sponsorship is key which means giving an ROI to sponsors which means producing good video coverage.   It is a fragile business model to say the least. 

    Worse than fragile.  Because of the vast disparity between revenue and expense of live coverage, such coverage is, outside that handful of exceptions, a vanity project with a patina of speculation on it, occasionally characterized by fanboys as charity done for the betterment of the sport. 

    I worked with almost every media person in the sport at one time or another. The main reason I finally left was entirely due to the issue we are now discussing.  I finally accepted that the only way forward, at least in the US, was to continue to rely on gratuitous actions by high net worth individuals. 

    Neither logic, nor profit, nor quality, nor prospective viewership dictates how, why, and with what resources sailing events get coverage or real production budgets. Essentially the sailing media industry relies almost entirely on the whims of rich individuals and the yacht club boards they control, which means anyone with any real talent quickly moves on to fishing or powerboat racing or real estate videography or something with an actual business model behind it. 

    I’ve found it amusing to work now as a legal representative for some of the same people I worked with back in sailing days.  They sure do pay their invoices faster when they come from a law firm. 


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  5. 3 hours ago, EYESAILOR said:


    TV coverage follows the stars.

    Tv coverage of sailing has never followed “the stars”, because it has never ever been driven by actual viewership, because there simply isn’t any. This is true across 99% of the world, the only exceptions being a tiny blip around Alex T and Ben A in the UK, France during the vendee, and the AC for a few weeks a year in NZ and italy. Those four items are literally the only meaningful sailing audience that ever exists for the sport. 

    all of the above is why, as potter explained, coverage is driven by other needs than audience numbers. The exss coverage was driven by series sponsor perception and fulfillment and was always the cheapest they could get away with. The GC32 is driven by owners vanity coverage, which is why they have a few pretty music videos and not much else. The VOR could never figure out what it wanted from the coverage plan, with independent characters always trying to pull it in different directions. 


  6. Wasn’t about the fame, just a rich cokehead douchebro who doesn’t like cops. Unless Australia imposes a duty to rescue on random civilians? 

    He would not have gotten a sentence here for the “outrage” part though they would have found a way to lock him up for leaving the scene or some such.  He would likely be on the hook for civil liability for emotional distress torts. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Randro said:

    Trailer trash central.

    Retired age Baja expats tend to fall in three categories. 

    1) can’t go home but definitely can’t afford tahiti or speak French;

    2) can go home but have no family left who likes to see them more than once a year (if that)or

    3) can go home but don’t like their family back there or just don’t have any left.

    Expat men tend to have much younger wives, often part of the reason for 1 or 2 above.  Every single expat retiree in Mexico has one thing in common though: they are cheap as Scots.


  8. On 4/22/2021 at 12:38 PM, Editor said:

    thank you. yes, we forever miss clean's contributions and if there was more money in what we do, he'd likely still be here, but there just fucking isn't. i think we've picked up a lot of slack with ronnie simpson, shanghai, anarchist david's work, and between what the community contributes and what i do, i rather like our fp mixture...

    as for hobot's thread i have no fucking idea what happened to it - i certainly didn't touch it. will see if we can recover it....

    That’s sweet of you. We had a window where we could have really set the standards for the sport’s media footprint. Unfortunately there was a large object that decided to place itself over that aperture and suck all the oxygen out of the company at the crucial moment.  Pretty amazing you kept it alive all this time through all the chaos. 

  9. Meanwhile my Thai/us dual citizen chef over there just told me that “incubator” is some millennial bullshit term. Apparently it is a collab or confab or spark center or some such shit these days. HEY! I only turned 49 yesterday!


    I told him to call it whatever the fuck he wants as long as it makes money and helps save Burmese people!

  10. 3 hours ago, Editor said:

    we did 31 of them, reliably, once a week. i can tell there's little to no more growth with this format. it was a good run.

    2 years says the podcast guru but I agree the subject matter has limited appeal. 


    3 hours ago, Snaggletooth said:

    Jen Appelle?  

    PTSD seeing the name

  11. There’s only one way to grow this kind of thing, and that’s to do it reliably for a long long time. always longer than you think necessary. 

    quality, character, all that kind of thing is barely a consideration unless you have durability and reliability. The SA podcast for instance: when we got to six months, the numbers started doubling. A year, tripling, even the older episodes. Then those chicks with the pit bulls broke my brain. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Sea warrior said:



    that said, the Scots came from Ireland ya  ejit.

    That’s not what Siri said. Scots + moors = ires. Explains the full lips and occasional dark hair, and the average cock size of 4” compared to the scots 3.5”





  13. 3 minutes ago, Sea warrior said:

    Too late bitch,

    I quoted you before the edit.


    that should look good on your resume.




    No edits here, Mickey. Siri just told me Irish race comes from Scotland. Cool!

  14. We got our staffer out in the nick of time. 50 hours of drafting and filing documents later. Her neighbors house was knocked down the morning she flew out. Scary. She will hang out in Bangkok until we can sort out a us visa for her. 

  15. Just now, Sea warrior said:

    I present a screenshot of one of the most racist comments I’ve read on the internet in some time,  and you call me dishonest.


    like i said, you loonie leftists don’t do facts and you just proved my point.




    What race are the Irish?

  16. 5 minutes ago, Sea warrior said:

    Oh look, 


    the resident racist has joined the chat 




    Drinking problems similar to native Americans, some with red hair and fair skin like Vikings but others with moorish features. Prone to tribal warfare. What race are the Irish anyway?

  17. On 4/14/2021 at 8:36 AM, El Mariachi said:

    The suicide rate among school aged minors in this country has gone up dramatically since China 19 basically put an end to in-person learning, and schools pretty much shut and/or locked down. Kids are going stir crazy.....and it's f'ng both bad & sad......

    Rick you gotta stop pulling numbers from the comments section of foxnews bro.  You’re not usually so obviously a mark.  

    Suicides down >5% from 2019 to 2020 despite pre-2020 year-on-year increases for a decade.

    Suicides among 8-14, 15-24 flat or down slightly from 2019 despite a decade+ of increases until 2020.

    report is up at NIMH if you’d prefer facts and not repeating what some asstard spread to people he thinks are too gullible to realize he’s all fraud.

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