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  1. Paying government officials for benefits without disclosure is bribery. Are you accusing Disney of bribery? According to the law of the land, paying candidates’ campaigns (with disclosure and limits) or PACs (with less disclosure and less limits) is not “paying”, it’s lobbying and contributing, which is “speech”. How do you suggest solving the problem you have identified?

  2. 3 minutes ago, Pertinacious Tom said:

    They lobbied for it... why?

    My answer is because paying government officials to extend your monopoly (at the expense of consumers) can pay off. A short way of saying that is "crony capitalism."

    What do you think they were lobbying for?

    A change in the law, which was passed by congress and signed by the president. Do you think lobbying should be against the law?

  3. Huskies tend to be among the dumbest of dogs, when compared to breeds created for more personable traits then pulling in the snow. Loud, loosely obedient, and often with very strong prey drive. Malamutes make better dogs for 99% of folks if you want the northern look. Spitz breeds also have the look with more pet potential, but are squeaky and have rat faces. 

    fighting centuries of breeding is a fool’s errand. 

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  4. What fucking treaty are you dumbshits yapping about? There’s no treaty, from Cliffy’s own link:

    By unilaterally declaring the military clauses of the Paris Peace Treaty null and void in September 1990, the Finnish Government lifted the last restrictions on its sovereignty. Although the stipulations of the Peace Treaty had not prevented Finland from developing its defence forces, the restrictions were a liability and a reminder of an existing droit de regard. The abrogation of the Friendship Treaty in 1992 lifted the stigma that had cast a long shadow and restricted Finland’s freedom of action. Joining the European Union in 1995 marked the end of neutrality and the beginning of a policy of military non-alignment. The expression non-aligned was dropped in 2007 and calibrated as “no membership in military alliances”. The restoration of independence of the Baltic States in 1990 brought about a fundamental change to the geopolitical situation around the Baltic Sea. Control of the Southern shore of the Gulf of Finland and the Eastern shore of the Baltic Sea reverted to the Baltic States.

  5. Repeat after me: “his/her/their actions put me in immediate fear of imminent death. I immediately defended myself with the means I had available”

    in any state in the US, that statement will get all white defendants off from murder charges if a court or jury finds it to be true. In the south, truth is irrelevant, so gun owner groups email something like that statement to all their members to print out and keep with them. 

  6. It’s almost as if southern leaders don’t realize that smart folks don’t like places run by dumb and/or religious folks, which is why blue states receive almost all granted patents, have almost all top universities, and create 70% of the country’s GDP.  

    They do not realize that their culture wars will merely accelerate their descent into becoming Alabama, and they really don’t seem to understand how the housing crisis combined with the Florida property insurance crisis will end.  I expect to continue to be highly entertained by captain Ron. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, slug zitski said:

    Your guys tie non pure Ukrainians , Russian speakers , ethnic minorities , opposition media …to poles then beat them to death 



    Russians cannot exist in civil society slug.  You know that. That’s why there will be nukes soon.  We will mostly survive, Russia will not. 

  8. 14 hours ago, phill_nz said:

    trying to justify it using history is fraught with problems

    almost all of central and eastern europe has been russia at one point or another

    very little of it has always been russia

    technically the ukraine was invaded / conquered / settled by the kevian rus

    the moskva / st petersburg area of russia was invaded / conquered / settled by the rus

    both were ( probably ) swedish



    Yeah but the khan killed 90% of the men in both places and fathered the next gen of mixed mongol/rus babies, which is why Putin is so short and nasty. 

  9. Seriously though, “please leave, I am imposing my rules of propriety on this free forum I have no control or ownership of” is straight from the empires entitlement textbook.  Slug is half Russian and makes most of his money rigging superyachts. His excuse for posting false info is that he is a fan of continued employment with a side of Russian baby rape.  What’s dogwatch’s excuse?



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  10. On 4/17/2022 at 12:23 PM, Jules said:

    I've got a house he can buy for a mere $2M.  I'll even throw in a boat.

    But seriously, there is a buying frenzy going on here despite rising seas, despite global warming, which will bring more hurricanes.  It's like, "Better buy now before Florida is gone!"

    Florida has already laid the foundations for its financial failure in less than a decade, depending on how many storms show up. The insurance situation is hilarious, wide swaths of the state will be uninsurable after the next big hurricane with no new insurers replacing the 7 or 8 who are recently bankrupt or in the process of winding up their shit. CPIC’s finances are a horror movie.  brain drain accelerating, and the influx of the undereducated and entitled guarantees the rest of us will be entertained while Florida becomes a huge Mississippi. Already Florida has one of the lowest per capita of any state for patent claims, a useful indicator for statewide stupidity. 

    COIC’s total exposure number below is fully guaranteed by the state of Florida without any backup or hedge. Authoritarianism always ends the same way: Broke and surrounded by death.


  11. 10 minutes ago, dogwatch said:

    I'm aware of that and those choosing to out someone here - or at least claiming to - are sailing close to the wind. In general, if you consider how long it took for someone clearly mentally ill to be removed, SA's moderation could be described as soft-touch.


    Could you get any closer to the perfect archetype of an insufferable old British twit


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  12. 12 hours ago, IPLore said:

    Ironically the Oligarchs biggest fear has always been a regime change in Russia so they did a large amount of their squirreling in "rule of law" nations where property rights are respected with low risk of sequestration.....eg. the Western democracies .  However , of course, they diversified, with Swiss banks and the so-called offshore havens.  

      I doubt we have found all of their US assets, hidden behind Wyoming LLPs etc. but it is certainly harder to access those assets. Withdrawals over $1,000 from any US Bank account or managed fund  are reported and over $5,000 are closely scrutinized at the moment.      

     LLPs and LLCs are just the middle, ownership of most of the assets is ultimately in Wyoming, NV, and Dakota asset protection trusts.

  13. 8 hours ago, random. said:

    Cool knives, but 20 years ago I would have thought they were appropriate gifts to clients.  We gave ours some quality multitools once, they had a fold out knife and the women were horrified, circa 1999.


    Have no women clients. Not a lot of female CEO/CFOs out there in smallcap land. 

  14. 2 hours ago, blunderfull said:

    First choice in my bag for cut, slash, stab.

    Opinel are the #4# champs.   


    FD54E8FB-CE47-4900-A9C0-26D63A550905.jpegI have a handful of old ones I’ve acquired over the years, but none as pretty as our client gifts last year. Partners got carbone, clients Inox



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  15. I overcooked the last batch, which was dark to begin with. The result was a deep amber syrup with a consistency even thicker than honey. I have to heat it up to pour it at all, but holy shit on the end of a fork it is heavenly. Almost like a maple syrup lozenge. Wtf do you call that? Can I just add some sap and thin it out? 

    total production just under 2.5 gal including 2 quarts of the thick stuff. Very fun, the kid loves banging taps into the trees, and definitely something I will invest a bit in next year.   I’m hoping to build a barn this summer and have planned two corners of it to be isolated from the main galley; one a chicken coop and one a sugar room. If I can find a way to replace my vanished Russian crypto clients I might even have the money for it!

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