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  1. The incompetence of bad managers can often go unnoticed for years if they have people covering for them, provided things don’t get too hard. When the shit hits the fan, leaders motivated by things other than the desire to help their residents don’t usually do the right thing. We saw what happened in 2020 to places like Brazil and the US because of the incompetence of men who surrounded themselves not by experts but by loyalists. Erdogan did ok with the pandemic and then sent turkey into recession this month with his monetary policy, after losing all his experts and relying on loyalists.
  2. If I remember correctly, as officials they are required to preserve their communication by federal law. Just using comms like Sig and Tel for government biz is a crime
  3. 5 Republicans for every Democrat at this point. You can see the smarter right wingers trying to pull back off the antivax position, but even trump can’t reverse it now. And it is one of only two factors that may save the democratic congress next year. All those internal polling assumptions are based on the most recent election numbers, not the numbers that we will see after another 250k, the vast majority of them republican voters, meet the vent and then their maker. Neil de Grasse Tyson tweeted the first sentence I wrote above almost a month ago, then deleted it almost immediately. I do
  4. In my experience, service providers with ambition for growth will usually develop procedures to deal with deadbeats and relationships with advisors to help. They spend the time and money to put a lien process in place and have strong service contracts. When the day comes to send notice, they send notice, and when the day comes to file for a sale, they file. When the numbers get big enough, they file a claim in federal court.
  5. Amazing that 47 posts in no one has actually posted the California statute. Good try Zonker. pretty simple actually. Notice puts a “stop transfer” on the registration at an admin level. 60 days to file suit or move for sale. I have never seen a cheap shitbag seller move faster than when their title is liened https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayText.xhtml?lawCode=HNC&division=3.&title=&part=&chapter=2.&article=4
  6. In other words, when faced with an arms race, the best defense is to complain about the opposing force’s new weapon? Or is this the famous “you’ll bring themselves down to their level!!” argument that has provided comfort to so many victims throughout history? Your suggestion parrots the usual Democrat response to “libertarian” and extremist Christian legislative activism. Hopefully and finally, they seem to be in the process of writing a new playbook that actually attempts to attack instead of whine.
  7. I think viper didn’t read their filings Malone has a declared beneficial ownership of 48% of the parent company due to his ownership of 96% of the series B shares of Braves, F1, and XM. He controls the company due to that share and the 20 odd percent owned by groups who do what he says. At least according to the 2020 10-k
  8. Maybe. What is certain is that, anytime they are given the choice to create a dramatic moment at the expense of a sporting ethos, they will take the opportunity.
  9. Bernie was the villain forever, now the villain is private equity, both ruthless seekers of viewers and advertising dollars. Everything they did during this crazy fucked up season worked to accomplish their bottom line goals, and Masi’s call was one of those things. Sets up a much more exciting storyline for 2022 too. you folks pratting on about sporting this and fair that are sort of glossing over that the whole things is owned by financiers. If you are surprised you have not been a fan for long
  10. That would have been better but I still don’t understand why it was so unfair
  11. How did it make a mockery? I still don’t understand how it was unfair to either car. Ricciardo, sure.
  12. I don’t want the unvaccinated vaccinated, and most of my highly educated friends have come around to this point. Their deaths, which are going to be back up to 4000/day in a few weeks, will likely be the only thing that prevents the theocratic takeover of America that has almost succeeded after a 30 year campaign of secret sedition. right now roughly 4 Christian soldiers are dying for every demonrat. Until that changes, we would be idiots for doing anything to alter those numbers. Variants are risky but unknown. The depraved evil behind evangelicals and the republicans who use them a
  13. The reason there was no vaccine hesitancy during polio is because people who work with their hands didn’t have any method to have stupid crap thrust into their heads by profiteers and political charlatans. Unfortunately social media has provided a wonderful way for the undereducated and religiously indoctrinated to be manipulated by bad actors into positions completely unsupported by fact or logic and reliant on grievance and religious dogma for their energy and power. Every piece of data supports it, every study of demographics, religion, voting, and government mistrust shows that t
  14. C’mon FedSoc, give those ivory league justices their marching orders and let’s abort this whole experiment of reproductive autonomy. Some middle ground solution ain’t gonna get 5M new angry women voters to the polls in 2022 amd 2024 and daddy needs a dem supermajority if he gonna get an all new Judiciary Bill passed
  15. 100M on cleaning up the ocean…so egregious. Better it should go to some crypto DAO or TSLA? Dope.
  16. I can’t find the 44 knot run on Foncia, but here’s the 37.7 knot one on Race for Water. Both MOD 70 in one design trim (pre-foiling)
  17. After kyle gets acquitted, the next ammosexual incel at a BLM protest will have a quiet blade slipped between his ribs.
  18. I don’t see the DC Ct app staying this.
  19. My dog and brothers dog both went right around the inflatable. Vet says doesn’t really work for big dogs. Radar dish still the standard of care at 100 lbs.
  20. Free kiddie-finger guillotines with every boat!
  21. Didn’t think about it much, my brain wasn’t working that well after four hours In a hospital bed. Mer said “why don’t you ask for a vaccine while you’re there” and I said to medic Larry “wife said I should ask for vaccine”. Few minutes later they stuck it in.
  22. Lovely work porthos. Would be a good treatment for a 1-L textbook teaching meaning of dicta if you search the forums you will probably find a play by play thread i authored from the courtroom that day
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