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  1. Drinking problems similar to native Americans, some with red hair and fair skin like Vikings but others with moorish features. Prone to tribal warfare. What race are the Irish anyway?
  2. Tactical nukes over west Texas would be kinda enjoyable to watch
  3. Rick you gotta stop pulling numbers from the comments section of foxnews bro. You’re not usually so obviously a mark. Suicides down >5% from 2019 to 2020 despite pre-2020 year-on-year increases for a decade. Suicides among 8-14, 15-24 flat or down slightly from 2019 despite a decade+ of increases until 2020. report is up at NIMH if you’d prefer facts and not repeating what some asstard spread to people he thinks are too gullible to realize he’s all fraud.
  4. Wrong. Rate went down significantly after the BOI (FBI antecedent) decided to shut it down in the 30s following a number of high profile kidnappings, including Lindbergh. We have some time f the lowest kidnapping rates on earth.
  5. It’s all a population control experiment?
  6. Folks who think advanced degrees are useless pieces of paper all have one thing in common. and it ain’t living on the lam in mex
  7. As I’m sure you are familiar, there’s a tradition of very successful businessmen failing to reproduce their business success in their hobby projects. Larry has been spending tens of millions for a decade to purportedly popularize sailing and make it commercially viable. How’s would you gauge his success thus far (a) regarding the targets of his spending (ac and sgp) and (b) regarding the wider sport?
  8. How many transgender people do you personally know?
  9. Unless you are a doctor, calling a phd a “fake doctor” just makes you sound like a ditch digger. I could be wrong a put your md or PhD...where’d you pick that up again?
  10. ESS had way more sponsors, venue deals, and press, mostly because they had a very lean and ruthless marketing and PR team and they were doing 8-12 events a year. Still it never made any money, and constantly needed bailouts. sailgp will never make any money and will constantly need bailouts. Ask Larry how long he will continue in that vein (or just see his history for a dozen examples of how long)
  11. Dude. Turn off the anarchy and turn on a lesson on capitalization. My 5 year old learned it in an hour. It might take you 4 or 5 but I’m confident in you.
  12. I really cannot figure out why “go home hiding where you live” means, though I have to applaud the fact that this is the first post you have ever made with zero miscapitalizations. ESS lasted 11 years. Hold your breath.
  13. Us sailing actually did launch an inquiry but it was already in court so they backed off so as not to make a mess. The report from The ohio agency was damning. As for coverage disparity..it’s not brain surgery. Well known triathlete sailor disappears in the middle of the day during America’s third most populous city’s biggest summer event vs an old stoner dying during a 100 boat Toledo-based regatta.
  14. It was already in the plan as a cost cutting measure for year 3 unless broadcast revenue paid for it, which obviously didn’t happen. ¾ of operating production expenses are travel, equipment transport and rental, lodging, food, insurance. Remote ops gets rid of most of those, at the cost of reducing the quality of the broadcast, mostly because remote commentators don’t have the benefit of all the info they get by hanging out with the teams and shore crew. It’s just the old “Ellison 3 year stretch” we know so well. He is nothing if not predictable.
  15. It’s normal to her. Certainly none of your business. Or did Jesus tell you it was, like for most Florida men?
  16. 2020 had the most gun violence in America since the crack wars more than 20 years ago. it’s one of the few problems in this country that seem to be unaffected by who is in the White House; our inexorable March back to the insane numbers of the murderous 80s, but more geographically spread across the country.
  17. That was 2007 I think. Bruce had his neck broken by the boom. Was the Comm Perry Race, not the mills. Florida man was “speedy” Glenn Reeck. That was the one where he died in 4 feet of water because his crew couldn’t figure out how to get him back aboard after he fell through busted ass old lifelines.
  18. Except for all that stuff about there being 12 cases a year of voter fraud in the whole country? Please go read Jacobsen so you understand why and when the government can legitimately abridge your fundamental rights in the name of the police power. 12 republicans voting their dead mom’s mail in ballot don’t cut it.
  19. Easy, make counterfeiting a card a 5 year felony.
  20. Please feel free to show the world which medical records privacy laws impact non-healthcare companies requiring proof of vaccination before serving customers. Doesn’t need to be a proper cite, a link is fine. Holding our collective breaths in 3...2...1... Everything you’ve ever said on SA is bullshit, this is no exception. Judging from your recent spate of it, things back home aren’t going so well. For the rest of you, keep a link handy to Jacobson v Massachusetts (197 U.S. 11 (1905) for the next time you come across some liberty-spouting patriot convinced that HIPAA or the cons
  21. They ABSOLUTELY have the right to require whatever the fuck they want before serving you. They can make you tell them how big your cock is if they want. Don’t like it? Go away.
  22. Be careful, he’s an immigrant. I hear they are dangerous.
  23. Obviously. They should have shot them all for treason and sedition. They can’t even tell anyone where she is buried or her coffin will melt from all the urine.
  24. Fucking failed sailmaker on his way to another divorce pretending he knows how rights work. Charming.
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