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  1. Meanwhile my Thai/us dual citizen chef over there just told me that “incubator” is some millennial bullshit term. Apparently it is a collab or confab or spark center or some such shit these days. HEY! I only turned 49 yesterday!


    I told him to call it whatever the fuck he wants as long as it makes money and helps save Burmese people!

  2. 3 hours ago, Editor said:

    we did 31 of them, reliably, once a week. i can tell there's little to no more growth with this format. it was a good run.

    2 years says the podcast guru but I agree the subject matter has limited appeal. 


    3 hours ago, Snaggletooth said:

    Jen Appelle?  

    PTSD seeing the name

  3. There’s only one way to grow this kind of thing, and that’s to do it reliably for a long long time. always longer than you think necessary. 

    quality, character, all that kind of thing is barely a consideration unless you have durability and reliability. The SA podcast for instance: when we got to six months, the numbers started doubling. A year, tripling, even the older episodes. Then those chicks with the pit bulls broke my brain. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Sea warrior said:



    that said, the Scots came from Ireland ya  ejit.

    That’s not what Siri said. Scots + moors = ires. Explains the full lips and occasional dark hair, and the average cock size of 4” compared to the scots 3.5”





  5. 3 minutes ago, Sea warrior said:

    Too late bitch,

    I quoted you before the edit.


    that should look good on your resume.




    No edits here, Mickey. Siri just told me Irish race comes from Scotland. Cool!

  6. We got our staffer out in the nick of time. 50 hours of drafting and filing documents later. Her neighbors house was knocked down the morning she flew out. Scary. She will hang out in Bangkok until we can sort out a us visa for her. 

  7. Just now, Sea warrior said:

    I present a screenshot of one of the most racist comments I’ve read on the internet in some time,  and you call me dishonest.


    like i said, you loonie leftists don’t do facts and you just proved my point.




    What race are the Irish?

  8. 5 minutes ago, Sea warrior said:

    Oh look, 


    the resident racist has joined the chat 




    Drinking problems similar to native Americans, some with red hair and fair skin like Vikings but others with moorish features. Prone to tribal warfare. What race are the Irish anyway?

  9. On 4/14/2021 at 8:36 AM, El Mariachi said:

    The suicide rate among school aged minors in this country has gone up dramatically since China 19 basically put an end to in-person learning, and schools pretty much shut and/or locked down. Kids are going stir crazy.....and it's f'ng both bad & sad......

    Rick you gotta stop pulling numbers from the comments section of foxnews bro.  You’re not usually so obviously a mark.  

    Suicides down >5% from 2019 to 2020 despite pre-2020 year-on-year increases for a decade.

    Suicides among 8-14, 15-24 flat or down slightly from 2019 despite a decade+ of increases until 2020.

    report is up at NIMH if you’d prefer facts and not repeating what some asstard spread to people he thinks are too gullible to realize he’s all fraud.

  10. 5 hours ago, kent_island_sailor said:

    Just FYI - the rate of strangers kidnapping children has hardly changed in the USA since the 1700s, but the news coverage of it sure has.

    Wrong. Rate went down significantly after the BOI (FBI antecedent) decided to shut it down in the 30s following a number of high profile kidnappings, including Lindbergh. We have some time f the lowest kidnapping rates on earth. 

  11. 21 minutes ago, pierre said:

    Pardon my interjection, but I think all of us outside of the Americas are wondering  why the fuck Americans need guns when most of them seem to be shooting themselves in the foot, both literally and figuratively.

    Second Amendment my arse. Just looks like a mass wank from here.


    It’s all a population control experiment?

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  12. 1 hour ago, El Mariachi said:

    1). A doctor helps people with medical conditions....and the like

    2). A doctor* is just a fuking useless blowhard who was given a piece of paper by other useless blowhards....who get rich being blowhard$....by charging wannabe blowhards ton$ of moola....so they can paper their den walls with $tupid piece$ of over-priced paper.


    3). Gottit now, Perry?.....:lol:

    Folks who think advanced degrees are useless pieces of paper all have one thing in common. 

    and it ain’t living on the lam in mex

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  13. 29 minutes ago, Mambo Kings said:


    What has this got to do with sailing?    Two things

    1.  He is a visionary. He has something that the rest of us saw can see withhindsight but he saw looking forward. Once in a lifetime is extraordinary but three times is unherad of.

    2. He is very very very rich (he has made billions just from Tesla) and can afford to do this a long time. He will stop only if its not working the way he wants it to work.

    He also happens to enjoy sailing. Never met the guy but he must be interesting.

    As I’m sure you are familiar, there’s a tradition of very successful businessmen failing to reproduce their business success in their hobby projects.  Larry has been spending tens of millions for a decade to purportedly popularize sailing and make it commercially viable.  How’s would you gauge his success thus far (a) regarding the targets of his spending (ac and sgp) and (b) regarding the wider sport?



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  14. Just now, Mambo Kings said:

    Hi Clean,

    While no fan of Larry......SailGP is good for the sport. Compared to ESS, this has gotten more traction with its audience and a more prominent set of sailors.  Im sure money helps.


    ESS had way more sponsors, venue deals, and press, mostly because they had a very lean and ruthless marketing and PR team and they were doing 8-12 events a year. Still it never made any money, and constantly needed bailouts. 

    sailgp will never make any money and will constantly need bailouts. Ask Larry how long he will continue in that vein (or just see his history for a dozen examples of how long)

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  15. 3 minutes ago, dg_sailingfan said:

     young Sailors

    that League

    this Board

    this Event

    this Boat 

    Dude. Turn off the anarchy and turn on a lesson on capitalization. My 5 year old learned it in an hour.  It might take you 4 or 5 but I’m confident in you. 

  16. 6 minutes ago, dg_sailingfan said:

    Stop with this shit! I predict SailGP will last longer than the crappy Extreme Sailing Series (ESS). Go home hiding where you live!

    I really cannot figure out why “go home hiding where you live” means, though I have to applaud the fact that this is the first post you have ever made with zero miscapitalizations.  

    ESS lasted 11 years. Hold your breath. 

  17. Us sailing actually did launch an inquiry but it was already in court so they backed off so as not to make a mess. The report from The ohio agency was damning. 

    As for coverage disparity..it’s not brain surgery. Well known triathlete sailor disappears in the middle of the day during America’s third most populous city’s biggest summer event vs an old stoner dying during a 100 boat Toledo-based regatta.  

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