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  1. Holy christ - I head to sea for a delivery and when I get back some pooch is calling me Johnny-come-fucking-lately? Careful, pup - I've got a license to neuter and an itchy scalpel finger.
  2. Whether they die at sea or are revealed to be total scammers, this is one hell of a story and it's just getting better. I hope I can count on some of you (sailflat, TTT) to help me out with the details over the coming weeks - this is either a hell of a feature for a top magazine, or even a tidy little book. Keep it coming. VOID HO.
  3. We're actually about the same size. I just lack the KGB death squad training.
  4. He must have been on happy pills when you hung out with him. To me, he was a dick, even with the wife around. He ate all the damned pizza.
  5. Just so y'all racers understand how big a problem it is - a schooner cannot go to weather without a mainsail. It's not like a sloop or cutter, where you can still make 60 or 70 degrees upwind with a jib or jib/staysail in good breeze - a schooner has insurmountable lee helm without the big main. I ran a big one for nearly two years - a gorgeous old wooden John Alden boat, designed as a racing schooner in 1914. The owner's sail budget was minimal, and he was never aboard, so we did most of the sail repairs ourselves - fine for a sail training ship. Even covered, the main problem with the
  6. There's even some cheese in that gift if you shake it up just right.
  7. IF they really are as far offshore as they claim, the risk of sharks is pretty damned small. While sharks might follow a boat for days if it's dropping off fish carcasses, I can't think of anything appealing coming from the Cheese Scow that they'd be interested in. Sprout-flavored feces just can't be that appetizing. I'm guessing Reid will really need to scrape again in around three days, and every three days after that. Maybe then they'll break the imaginary 2-knot barrier.
  8. Having been the skipper of a 100 year-old wooden schooner with shitty bottom paint and no budget in Equatorial waters, I can easily tell you how long it takes. Forever. Seriously. And those little bastard crabs that somehow always make it to your ear canal to hide are really annoying.
  9. Tristan Jones will stand by on an ethereal ship built of balsa.
  10. Shit, you should have seen my law school loans. [Cue Darth Vader's voice] You cannot begin to imagine... The 75$ in filing fees and service of process that I'd have to pay to answer your complaint and then have it thrown out of court would simply break me. Damn, I'd better stop fucking with Cap'n Crunch and the Void Ho. I hope you realize that every time one of you psychopaths gets on here in defense of this scammer, we add our annoyance at you towards them. If you hadn't gone after Suzanna so hard, this thread would be half as long as it is, at least until Cap'n Crunch calls for he
  11. [Raises hand at the back of the room] PICK ME! PICK ME! This is too fucking hilarious! Hey, don't forget to send an e-mail to Tempesta. He cannot wait to hear from you, I'm sure. [email protected]
  12. If any of you want a fairly coherent, yet extremely dry summary of law on parody, here ya go (lawyer-written): http://www.publaw.com/parody.html For an even drier view of the law of the land on parody and fair use, check here (judge-written): http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/cas/comm/free...h/campbell.html For a great story of a guy who went head-to-head with a massive company and won, check out www.taubmansucks.com. And here's how Viacom got their asses spanked for going after Youtube about parody videos: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20070423/114529.shtml Anyway, just helping
  13. Just wait until Wired, the New York Times, Outside, and whomever else is properly notified that they've all been duped. Editors hate that shit. Word's a-spreadin' fast, now. But...oh no! An internet legal threat is going to derail all this...oh no!
  14. Story of the year on the internet. God I hope I have the motivation to write a nice 4000 word piece on this for Outside or another high-paying mag. This shit is gold.
  15. I really want Reid Stowe to come back for depositions. Holy crap, I'm laughing tears just thinking about that one! Jesse, or whatever Moonie psycho you are, please sue the Ed. It would make my year.
  16. This is getting good again. Legal threats always have a way of picking up the fun factor.
  17. The lack of a warm welcome for you is due to the fact that this community is pretty intolerant of non-sailors. Your comments made it clear that you are not a sailor, so res ipsa loquitur.
  18. If you listen to this show, pay special attention to the fact that Soanya is out of her 12 year-old gourd, and that Reid sounds like Mr. Rogers. Crazy...
  19. I've missed some of this thread while off racing, so apologies if this has already been linked - it's some kind of public access TV show with Reid & Soanya. http://videos.whiteblox.com/gnb/eventDetai...?event_id=11480
  20. Someone needs to point them to the Bullimore thread. How far are they from Hobart?
  21. And possibly two of the most famous Darwin Award recipients of all time: Cap'n Crunch and the Void Ho. Vamos a ver...
  22. If I could be one tenth the writer he is, I'll be a happy man. On it!
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