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  1. 3 hours ago, dg_sailingfan said:

    That makes a boatload of sense because of COVID! It's probably either Shirley Robertson and him or Rob Walker/Stevie Morrison and Carr.

    It was already in the plan as a cost cutting measure for year 3 unless broadcast revenue paid for it, which obviously didn’t happen. ¾ of operating production expenses are travel, equipment transport and rental, lodging, food, insurance. Remote ops gets rid of most of those, at the cost of reducing the quality of the broadcast, mostly because remote commentators don’t have the benefit of all the info they get by hanging out with the teams and shore crew.  It’s just the old “Ellison 3 year stretch” we know so well. He is nothing if not predictable. 

  2. 4 hours ago, El Mariachi said:

    These 'mass shootings' all have Joey's fingerprints on them....right? Since he's now the Pez Dispenser in Chief? You ready for a brand new topic.....like Todays Biden Deaths?.....:lol:



    2020 had the most gun violence in America since the crack wars more than 20 years ago. 

    it’s one of the few problems in this country that seem to be unaffected by who is in the White House; our inexorable March back to the insane numbers of the murderous 80s, but more geographically spread across the country. 


  3. That was 2007 I think. Bruce had his neck broken by the boom. Was the Comm Perry Race, not the mills.


    Florida man was “speedy” Glenn Reeck. That was the one where he died in 4 feet of water because his crew couldn’t figure out how to get him back aboard after he fell through busted ass old lifelines. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Burning Man said:

    Sounds exactly like the argument against voter ID.  Just saying.

    Except for all that stuff about there being 12 cases a year of voter fraud in the whole country?

    Please go read Jacobsen so you understand why and when the government can legitimately abridge your fundamental rights in the name of the police power. 12 republicans voting their dead mom’s mail in ballot don’t cut it. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, silent bob said:

    In a few months, when the vaccine is available to everyone on earth, it will be the individual's responsibility to be vaccinated.  If someone who is not vaccinated gets sick, it will be on them.  I have had my first shot.  I got a card that indicates that I got my first shot.  Its something that I could draw up and print on my iPad in about four minutes. How will a bouncer at the bar distinguish a real Immunization Card from a fake one, when they can barely tell a real Driver's License from a fake?

    Easy, make counterfeiting a card a 5 year felony. 

  6. 51 minutes ago, quod umbra said:

    Not so sure you are correct. Medical records tend to be a holy grail in terms of privacy.
    And frankly, they can ask.......

    Please feel free to show the world which medical records privacy laws impact non-healthcare companies requiring proof of vaccination before serving customers. Doesn’t need to be a proper cite, a link is fine. Holding our collective breaths in 3...2...1...

    Everything you’ve ever said on SA is bullshit, this is no exception. Judging from your recent spate of it, things back home aren’t going so well. 

    For the rest of you, keep a link handy to Jacobson v Massachusetts (197 U.S. 11 (1905) for the next time you come across some liberty-spouting patriot convinced that HIPAA or the constitution somehow prevents anything like this.  That case says that the government can require every citizen to be vaccinated if it chooses to do so.  Yet these dumb fucks think that requiring proof of vaccination is illegal? It’s not even illegal for the government, much less a company.


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  7. 17 minutes ago, Steam Flyer said:

    Ask your wife the health professional if a requirement to show proof of vaccination is a HIPAA violation

    A security guard tasked with keeping out non-vaccinated people does not have the right to "see a person's helath record" but he for damn sure has the right to either see your vaccine card or boot you the fuck out.

    And remember, always obey the instructions of law enforcement officers or they can kill you

    - DSK

    They ABSOLUTELY have the right to require whatever the fuck they want before serving you.  They can make you tell them how big your cock is if they want.  Don’t like it? Go away. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, benwynn said:

    I have an agenda?   I haven't seen it.   Is it a word document or something?  Powerpoint?

    I'll need some dates from my agenda so I know whether or not I am on schedule.

    If "Make Sea Warrior Look Like an Idiot" is on it, that's obviously completed. 

    Be careful, he’s an immigrant. I hear they are dangerous. 

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  9. 16 minutes ago, Gone Drinking said:

    Meanwhile the DC Capitol police officer that shot Ashli Babbett will not be charged.  So shooting a white unarmed white female who's only crime was trespassing and breaking a window was justified???? 

    Obviously. They should have shot them all for treason and sedition. They can’t even tell anyone where she is buried or her coffin will melt from all the urine. 

  10. Just now, MR.CLEAN said:

    Where the fuck do you get this shit? You have privacy rights enforceable against a business? They can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want unless they are recording your wife’s ugly ass while she is in the shitter.
     ticket collector = authorized agent of the company.  Company = that private entity not governed by the bill of rights.

    Its fucking unreal how people like you will just say words regardless of their connection to any idea of fact or evidence or reality. 

    (countdown to retard saying “but ma HIPAA rights!!!”

    Fucking failed sailmaker on his way to another divorce pretending he knows how rights work. Charming. 

  11. 37 minutes ago, quod umbra said:

    Not the point. The point is do you have the right to invade a person's privacy? Does a security guard or ticket collector have the right to demand to see a person's health records?
    They do not.

    Where the fuck do you get this shit? You have privacy rights enforceable against a business? They can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want unless they are recording your wife’s ugly ass while she is in the shitter.
     ticket collector = authorized agent of the company.  Company = that private entity not governed by the bill of rights.

    Its fucking unreal how people like you will just say words regardless of their connection to any idea of fact or evidence or reality. 

    (countdown to retard saying “but ma HIPAA rights!!!”

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  12. 44 minutes ago, chum said:

    Pretty soon there won't be anyone left to do the job, even the douchy ones won't want to. Then what?

    I’ve heard this argument since the late 80s when I was in high school, and every single time afterwards when anyone has dared to ask about police accountability. 

    it’s just more law and order talking point bullshit.  As soon as the racist legacy asshole cops are in jail or fired, the people truly interested in helping their communities will take the reins, and we will quickly see majority BIPOC law enforcement in all large cities. 

    A decade later, when white towns realize their cops are shit, they will headhunt skilled black cops from places like Atlanta.  The world works in mysterious ways. 

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  13. About 120 days, half classroom and half physical training. Law school was 3 years and you leave knowing less than you enter. 

    thing is that as long as angry dumb kids think being a cop is an awesome way to show off your power, and as long as PDs keep accepting angry dump people as cops, this shit will keep happening. 

  14. Bout fucking time. It’s astonishing she DIDN’T immediately resign despite knowing her at best gross incompetence and negligence killed a 20 year old.  “I’m sorry for your death, I meant to sell you a pumpkin latte, I’m ashamed to say I poured you a cyanide espresso instead.  Maybe I’ll quit in a few days?”

    My dumb hot neighbor failed the RN test three times. She is now Detroit PD having breezed through despite being fully conspiracy theorized over the last four years.   there’s something very wrong with police recruitment in this country and things will continue the way they are as long as it continues as is. 

  15. 34 minutes ago, quod umbra said:

    How is it no different?
    TSA is a governmental function. Going to a bar or baseball game is not sir.

    I find it alarming how many of you would surrender your right to privacy.
    I find in unconscionable how many of you would surrender another's right to privacy.

    You are very very bad at basic English and logic. You might want to read at least one book in your life. It must be hard on your family to have someone around who knows so little and is so persistently incorrect about all facts. 

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  16. 1 hour ago, El Mariachi said:

    Let me guess.....when you didn't read the article, you apparently glossed over the part where it tells you almost exactly how many clam Soros donated to Gascòn's campaign.....right? I'd love to spend a few minutes and help you become a bit more un-dumb.....but I'm out of paper dolls and crayons don't work real well on cel phones......

    Como te vas Rico?  Me gusto a verte

    Is there some specific reason the focus is on George Soros’ donations and not on the other 30000 people who donated to Gascons campaign? Think carefully!


  17. 1 hour ago, Mambo Kings said:

    When does an AC become a subsequent AC.

    Challenger AYC challenges defendant BYC.    AYC hosts challenger series which is won by CYC.

    But  "when a challenge from a Club fulfilling all the conditions required by this instrument has been
    received, no other challenge can be considered until the pending event has been decided"

    The challenge was received from AYC, so can CYC be considered a challenger before the challenge from AYC has been decided?

    If the answer is "yes", then we are conceding that this paragraph in the DoG can be overcome by mutual consent.

    If we can mutual agree that, can we mutually agree that the next cup will be in AC75s?


    You’re mixing up challenge and Challenger. 

    think of it like the ‘33 act can the ‘34 act.  The “shall not consider” clause is the ‘33 act and regulates the transaction of a challenge. The club requirements are the ‘34 act and regulate challenger qualifications.  The two do not really mix  


  18. 9 minutes ago, Shambolic Tom said:

    Caniglia v Strom was heard by SCOTUS yesterday.

    I haven't seen an oral argument review yet, but found a couple of other articles on the case.

    There's No Place Like Home?

    I think "Home Is Where The Glock Is" would have been a better title.

    “Master of All Emergencies”

    I think Master Of All PANICS would have been a better title. But you'll never seen an appeals court put it quite that way.



    Oral is pretty entertaining. It’s on the left here. https://www.oyez.org/cases/2020/20-157

  19. 14 hours ago, Blitzkrieg9 said:

    Voluntary dismissal by the plaintiff. It was mentioned above that it was probably settled out of court via monetary compensation. 

    “It was mentioned above” by me, and there is no “probably”. At the time I reported that the settlement was said by a good source to be “high 7 figures”







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