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  1. I would love to know who the phyics analogue for Reid is. Was there some physicist who sat in a lab for three years, alone for the last two, and called it a record?
  2. Wait ... so you spent 18 grand and three years and the Patent Office denied your claims? Didn't get back to you? What happened to that filing? Then you spent $1500 and 10 days later your patent issued? I assume that was the same filing from the first blokes, because $1500 and 10 days will not issue a patent. Your filings must have already been accepted, and your claims approved and your $1500 guy just fixed some small problem and completed the process, right? Has your invention been profitable enough to cover your maintenance fees? May I ask, what is your invention? Until you are a
  3. Correct Clean - sort of - a REGISTERED TM i.e. ® does take time. TM is a temporary thing and is required for awhile during the search et al, trust me it is a process.... Or I got hosed by lawyers.. repeatedly... But I publish Serials using the same ISSN and ISBN on an annual basis... But Clean - start to finish is a while... BUT, I just let www.shavethenation.org go recently after Gillette decided not to provide razors to needy hairy women in foreign lands where I want to make landfall. Think about it, your $1.84 a month can provide a cute hairy woman with a razor and shaving cream an
  4. Why would trademarks take years to obtain? It's just a filing fee and an app.
  5. It was a valiant effort, Wofsey - but it failed. See ya! You, of course, are welcome to call me any time to discuss this or any other matter. 248 563 0657 or clean@sailinganarchy.com work fine. Someone shoot me a PM if this guy goes postal like Lithium did.
  6. Not even a little. But they do need to sail. The insecure dude that buys a boat to live on because he thinks it makes him some kind of rebel doesn't qualify.
  7. Banning people is an extreme solution that we nearly never use, certainly not for plain old douchebaggery. This is one of the least-regulated fora on the web, and we like it that way. You wouldn't even qualify as apprentice to some of the master trolls we've had here - and they will live in legendary infamy forever to those privileged enough to see them implode. Because sailors don't call someone "Sailboat Bob" for starters. They might call him "crazy Bob" or "Goatfucking Bob" but not "Sailboat Bob." Motorboaters and maybe nonsailing liveaboards do - just like you. You general
  8. You are a one-thread troll who adds nothing to this community. And we don't want your money. But you are most definitely not a sailor, and the trail you leave on the internet indicates yet another obsessed nutjob who finds "pet" projects and then tries to overwhelm the conventional wisdom on them. Reid is simply your cause of the month, though I am interested in following you around once you leave here to see what's next.
  9. You do not know any better because you are not really a member of this community. I am well known to pretty much everyone on this forum - at least those who sail. You come to SA for one reason, and one reason only - to prop up and defend Reid Stowe. You are no sailor, nor will you ever be, and you should probably just fuck off and go waste your school's time and money on more bullshit inventions.
  10. Go blow you anonymous scrod muffin. If you think you can outsail me then grow a pair and give me a challenge. Damn you Mike! Couldn't you STFU long enough for me to finish bottling (Rye IPA) before yapping off to Clean? The plan was to bottle, then prep the brewery for Belgian Tripel....after the Hawks rather embarrassing 2nd period performance yesterday. Now I gotta stop, get out the lawn chairs, dust them off, pop the popcorn... No popcorn necessary, I just stopped by to see what's new, and after boring myself researching this Wolfsey character, I won't be spending much mo
  11. Go blow you anonymous scrod muffin. If you think you can outsail me then grow a pair and give me a challenge. Wofsey is on ignore now... Smart, BB - others would be wise to do the same. Wolfsey is some kind of an intellectual castaway who gets off on taking over interweb arguments about things he pretends to know about. I think that if he can "win" an argument with people who actually know what they are talking about despite his lack of familiarity with the subject, he gets wood. But as a failed inventor, he's got lots of extra time...
  12. Yeah, I hear ya babe - but to see otherwise intelligent people debating sailing with someone who clearly doesn't is killin' me. How are ya, doll?
  13. You all are extremely kind or extremely dopey to let this nonsailor hijack your thread so completely.
  14. But slower than a Mac26 in the fourth mode.
  15. Ya know, I check in on this thread once every couple of weeks, and there is ALWAYS something completely apeshit happening when I do. I wonder if I should go back and read every page instead of one every ten. A fucking Mac26 debate? Might as well go into the TP52 discussion.
  16. We actually had a nice email conversation. She's quite a clever lady, fun to debate with though we don't really see eye to eye on anything. I've expressed to her numerous times over the past couple of years my wish that she'd use her pulpit to spread the sailing gospel to some of her millions of female listeners (some of them are bound to be hot), but she's never stepped up to the plate, that's always been the root of my personal issue with her. I like listening to her show - it's pure entertainment and always gives me and Mer a chuckle. We even went to see her one-woman show in Detroit af
  17. FYI, the Dr. L sent me a note today announcing her retirement from racing.
  18. I think a lot of women around the world would appreciate it, and be happy to learn how to do something similar. Unfortunately, most of them don't read this incestuous SB thread. Tell Sharon I send my love. Mer knows I have a crush on her.
  19. How bout a story on the chicks on FJs?
  20. This thread is the footnote to which you refer. It's what will be left of Reid's sailing history long after everything else has vanished. Reid's past actions will always call the credibility of any accomplishments he claims into question.
  21. Just stopped by to see if anyone got sued yet by attorneys with terrible spelling. Well?
  22. I love reading written threats from the pen of manic depressives. Totally Fucking Reidiculous!
  23. Great coverage! Keep doing what you are doing.

  24. Why 10 paces? Make it 5 - I would hate for either one to miss. No way he could miss himslef twice. And would certainley rid the earth of a serious douche! Glass houses...
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