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  1. 3-4000 USD would be a pretty average price from Med/Black Sea ports. Can be as low as around 2300 from Atlantic/North Sea ports. These numbers accurate as of May 2008.
  2. Solo's humor doesn't translate well to another language...
  3. What would be your estimated price, delivered in a container to the US east coast?
  4. That's great news, rock - and thanks for sharing. Do you mind showing us her tits so we can get the full effect?
  5. As opposed to "defamatory" by accident? WTF does that mean?
  6. I don't want anyone to think I think he's a hero, but isn't it similar to what happened on Apollo 13? Stranded in space with but one chance to get back and that chance is only a little better than none? Are you bipolar, or do you just have the short-term memory issues of an eighth-a-day kind bud smoker? Maybe you just don't know what the word analogy means? More to the point: What exactly does a fucking astronaut stranded in space have to do with a washed-up sailor who can stop at any of a thousand islands in front of him? Your analogy is as valuable as Reid's Mars research. Sorry
  7. What does your interest have to do with anything? You're the intellectual midget who just compared a washed-up hippie's floating around on a future artificial reef to the Apollo 13 astronauts. I don't even understand how you can work a computer. Your login name is an insult to the history of sailing, and your existence is an insult to rational thought.
  8. Is Jessie the one that looks like Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard?
  9. If you get outed. That's because you came here with a commercial purpose. If you are for real, eventually that becomes obvious. It is hardly a secret society - it is a true community. There are 20 odd thousand regular members here, and another 200,000 or so who read SA each month. The site's Editor - who is really the only moderator, and who rarely does anything - keeps it somewhat efficient is by weeding out the commercial interests, and those that come here specifically to grind their axes against members of the community. It is neither true anarchy nor conformity, though it's
  10. Nobody really gives a fuck if you get outed, nor if the other hacks get exposed if they come here only to pimp or defend their stupid voyage of the turtle. The members of this community get protected, not some fuckin' halfwit whose only community dances around a fire singing nonsense poetry and flinging their faith at a washed up doucheball swindler out at sea. Oh, and I don't delete anything - that's a bigger fish.
  11. I owe you nothing but an elbow to the jaw. If you are indeed from that joke of a "campaign" rallied around Reid Stowe, you're a retard, but you're still welcome here. If you use people's real names without them giving those names to you to use, you're gone. Hell, it would be refreshing to have one of Reid's clan here who could actually write coherently. You're only a few dozen IQ points off that, newb. Practice makes perfect!
  12. I thought so too. Maybe he begged the Ed for forgiveness? Some of his posts changed, but I'm not sure what else happened. If anyone wants to report him to the Ed, click away. He's certainly broken enough rules to be gone, though I'm all ambien'd up right now and nothing bugs me.
  13. Reid's voyage is certainly a train wreck. This thread is more like SA's answer to Beverly Hills, 90210.
  14. Maybe, Shife - but until the Ed changes the rules, they remain in effect. 1) You do not talk about Fight Club 2) You do not talk about Fight Club 3) Don't out anarchists.
  15. Yo creo ke el "whataboutbobbie" seria outtahere.
  16. SG ain't no newb, and he ain't no hovian.
  17. Whether I think it is right or not doesn't really matter - it is what it is. Anyone who "thrusts themselves into the public eye" like Reid, Sonya, and they "handlers" have becomes a public figure. There have now been dozens of articles written about them, a few bizarre webcasts, some radio interviews, and so on - she is a public figure by anyone's definition. I think if Sonya is having a party and she doesn't want any uninvited guests, she needs to have a security person at the door. Simple, really. Whether she's "as much of" a public figure as Britney Spears also isn't the issue -
  18. Dude, like it or not, she's a public figure now. She's fair game. You think Britney Spears invites the press to her place?
  19. That was fucking hilarious RD. You're like SA's own stuttering John.
  20. Could you imagine the terrible things those Sydney racers would do to her once semi-comatose from the bundies? The horror!
  21. Rebar is the skeleton, chicken wire mesh fills the larger gaps. I was aboard a ferro boat that crunched a rock on the Firth of Forth in Scotland. We anchored with the pumps going, waited for the tide to go down, waited for the boat to dry off, climbed down onto the mud, mixed up a batch of cement, patched it up with a scraper, and got drunk on McCallen's and coke while it set. The next tide we sanded it down. Right as rain. Well built ferro boats are remarkably easy to fix, and very strong under most circumstances. I don't think i'd be very confident in Reid's work.
  22. Rebar is the foundation for all ferro boats. He likely has some more of whatever bondo-type shit he used to build it. Easy patch.
  23. Photo credit Joy Dunigan, Joy Advertising... Besides, I like Mer's photo from the same race a little better. It's always better from behind.
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