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  1. Story of the year on the internet. God I hope I have the motivation to write a nice 4000 word piece on this for Outside or another high-paying mag. This shit is gold.
  2. I really want Reid Stowe to come back for depositions. Holy crap, I'm laughing tears just thinking about that one! Jesse, or whatever Moonie psycho you are, please sue the Ed. It would make my year.
  3. This is getting good again. Legal threats always have a way of picking up the fun factor.
  4. The lack of a warm welcome for you is due to the fact that this community is pretty intolerant of non-sailors. Your comments made it clear that you are not a sailor, so res ipsa loquitur.
  5. If you listen to this show, pay special attention to the fact that Soanya is out of her 12 year-old gourd, and that Reid sounds like Mr. Rogers. Crazy...
  6. I've missed some of this thread while off racing, so apologies if this has already been linked - it's some kind of public access TV show with Reid & Soanya. http://videos.whiteblox.com/gnb/eventDetai...?event_id=11480
  7. Someone needs to point them to the Bullimore thread. How far are they from Hobart?
  8. And possibly two of the most famous Darwin Award recipients of all time: Cap'n Crunch and the Void Ho. Vamos a ver...
  9. If I could be one tenth the writer he is, I'll be a happy man. On it!
  10. Now that's some shit that a big magazine will be interested in. Fucking gold!
  11. Ummm... I'm quite sure that we will. Someone will definitely go to sea in a hunk of shit to escape the law and fuck young women again. Hell, there's even likely to be a sucker or 10 who foot his bill. It's been happening for hundreds of years.
  12. Suzanne - What state is looking for Reid about child support?
  13. I understand your point, and I agree that the author of the article is poking fun - note the use of the word "scrappy" which is a great editorial trick for calling something crappy. Problem is, the author failed to research the stuff most important to the article - the stuff which gives Reid credibility to the unknowing. I'm not saying it's bad writing - just bad research. Clearly, Wired didn't mind, and I understand that they pay something like a buck a word to freelancers, so good on her.
  14. Comment added to that retarded story...
  15. I'll thank an SA'er for turning me onto this thread. We've given the Doc more than ample opportunity to talk about her gig, and to join the community. She'd prefer to watch, and complain from afar. I went to her stupid one-woman show after trading e-mails with her, and she didn't have the courtesy to give me a five minute interview about sailing.
  16. Yes, it's exactly like that. Sailors on an internet board calling someone names is just like that pesky government-taking-away-your-rights thing.
  17. Unless you talk like a pirate. Then it's sweet, mateys.
  18. The fromunda cheese? It's well stirred and aged, I imagine.
  19. Reid's bowsprit "mishap" has created the perfect win/win for West Performance Rigging PBO systems; Reid will help WPR show the world that PBO can survive a thousand days at sea and at least that many collisions with tankers. You're a genius, Red!
  20. Thanks for that. Actually, you are. Tell us more about Reid's Antarctica trip - you seem to know all the details.
  21. Which do you think would work better: Dryshirt or ProWik?
  22. No, that he did a lot of research on how diluted saltwater needs to be before you can get hydrated off of it - fascinating shit actually - as well as some new techniques for open water survival - unfortunately never translated IIRC although I've been looking for a copy in French for a while. Now back to the fucking thousand-day heart...brought to you by E-Z Widers and Allux Birth Control Pills.
  23. I don't know why you say that no one ever thought about doing anything like this. Every time I had a hot chick crewing on a delivery I thought of being alone for a thousand days with her at sea, and everything I'd do to her. It's not anarchy - it's the desire to fuck a girl in every possible position using every hole. Can you imagine the size of the bag Reid's got that's full of sex toys? It's probably bigger than his sack of weed. Circumnavigating is an exciting and rare goal to have - for a sailor there are few things more impressive, especially if it's done at speed. Cruising around
  24. Oh, c'mon - that's so that they can see sunrise and sunset - panels love beauty just as much as the next guy! PeterX - you were defending the dude the last time around - I think I remember you had some connection to him - or was that the dude with the 8 foot boat in Washington...
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