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  1. He is actually licensed to practice. He writes as he does solely to get the gullible to define their view in a way that he then ridicules. That’s the sole reason for the “just asking questions” schtick. It’s very different from Tuckers, which is what his lawyers told him he has to do if they are going to be able to defend him in court. The UK has had its OWU program since 2002, you don’t see him whining about that. Italy has been taking yachts from the super rich since at least 2007, when I watched it happen in Sardinia. The US freezes, seizes, and confiscates billions worth of assets every y
  2. The OP is a lawyer. He is well aware of the many many ways governments can freeze and seize assets through either criminal or civil actions. He also knows that when one wishes to analyze a state action, there is only one place a lawyer begins, which is with the text that purportedly authorized said action. jzk has failed to cite or locate any of that text because he is completely uninterested in knowledge or answers or even debate. He is a lonely man with deep holes in his soul from poor decisions he has made in life. Trolling alleviates some of the pain.
  3. That’s why they are freezing their yachts, because the yacht owners’ businesses are assisting with Russia’s collective punishment of Ukrainian pensioners and children and journalists. The world is definitely watching the lawless behavior.
  4. Someone sure is just asking a lot of questions.
  5. No one could seize it if it stayed on the Black Sea. Avail yourselves of other countries’ resources, live by the whims of their governments.
  6. Conservatives with intellect know not to try to defend modern conservatism. They are smart enough to stay quiet and keep their income growing. Conservatives with intellect and a moral compass are on the endangered species list
  7. Looks like maybe this one formed December 2021. https://ctds.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#t0000000PNLu/a/t0000002Vqts/X4kjr01YZAqysHAH4wvb6l1kJfZeEdYa4beGOknlLq8 depending on the status of the existing multimillion dollar judgment against LP, this could be valuable information to the judgment holder. Suggest someone forward it to the party in interest or their attorneys to check out whether something evasionary is going on. Judges don’t like that so much.
  8. the SPAC funding Truth Social is allegedly being investigated for fraud as we speak.
  9. Sorry to rain on some of your sexual fantasies but Jussie gone be on Adseg the whole time. Cool county doesn’t want to hear him describing rape and abuse to Oprah in 6 months, and suing in 7.
  10. Russia has either been conquered or conquerors for most of a millenium, they don’t do “friends” well, and their world view has fundamental differences to the rest of the western nations. This is very deeply engrained, and I doubt that touchy feely lovey in the 90s would have done much to change things in the long run. Past practice being the best predictor of future action and all.
  11. War is many things, none of them acceptable in a modern world. Afghanistan was just as stupid as Ukraine. Ukraine will be far deadlier.
  12. Russia and China are both supplying and training the Myanmar junta too.
  13. Yes, yes, what about. You are copying and pasting from the RT comment section bro
  14. All due respect Evans but Russia has had that chip on its shoulder since the 1300s. The various rulers still can’t get over the fact that they are all direct descendants of the Khan. Their belligerence and willingness to run their countrymen and neighbors through the meat grinder is a direct result of their shame.
  15. Except for the guys in the tanks on another country’s land
  16. Where you tell us you think it’s not all the rapists fault cause “she was asking for it”
  17. I lost three clients last week to SWIFT issues. I turned down ETH payments because I don’t wanna go to jail and only the dumbest and greediest extend credit to russians
  18. Maldives gonna look like a jewelry shop to some Indian Ocean pirates. Maybe one of those Somalian bases needs donations to afford the fuel for a big trip?
  19. Someone who thinks bill Maher is smart or honest is still firmly in fool territory
  20. “Hey poor moms: check out this infant seat, 80% off for a minor defect, something about a recall. Who wants some?”
  21. Hey, more poor people: “your city pays too much for water. You don’t mind some lead with your tea? Do ya? you can afford this water”
  22. “Hey poor people, have some cheap cans of paint. We won’t even charge you for the lead”
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