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  1. That’s sick dude. Leave your kids out of it.
  2. They suddenly seem to be dedicating all their YouTube videos to cultural items in Mexico and India. Trying to salvage their 3M followers as one of their final assets. I wish death and disease on every one of their staff.
  3. For some, a Source of Funds disclaimer and an ambien is enough. Hell, there were even Jews who could rationalize helping out at the camps.
  4. Because of the company he keeps, he thinks the stench coming from his mouth is lovely perfume. I guess one can get used to anything. hey Sol, u think JZK has some well-paying clients with valuable assets? Maybe he drafts trust docs for some secretive HNW individuals with extensive Midwest holdings… before him, the only folks I see “condemning” the invasion while in obvious terror of condemning the person who ordered it are those ‘brave’ oligarchs.. might explain a lot.
  5. As an aside, it’s generally pretty easy to figure out which lawyers spend time in courtrooms and which do not.
  6. I went back and looked at the previous two pages and can’t find your answer. Can you link it or name the post number in which the question was answered?
  7. You don’t care for a company making choices about its programming? Who should make those decisions for them instead of them?
  8. Mike thinks the UN has veto power over NATO ascension, he fled the Ukraine thread after he was exposed (for the 11,453rd time)
  9. Hey I’m just here to learn about the UN’s veto power over NATO accession
  10. You sure are good at adopting opinions meant for the gullible.
  11. Debating law student opinions was fun. You shoulda gone to law school. You are certainly entitled to adopt someone else’s opinion. To my understanding, the first amendment frequently does not protect from regulation or restriction: untrue statements, criminal statements, incitement, and every level of commercial speech. Harm may be an element required for damages in certain instances, but your silly conclusory statement is, as such statements always are, wrong. suggestion: next time you believe you have an accurate understanding of the law such that a short and pithy statement n
  12. That’s called “ramifications of invading and annexing a chunk of your neighbors country”
  13. public service announcement for all the sea lawyers out there: law review article ≠ law. ever. No way you’d know that Tom; I understand. You have no reason to know that. You saw “Harvard” and figured it to be gospel, I guess.
  14. Na, it’s obvious what they are up to, not doing a homework project. We have to tolerate it from Murdoch because he is at least partially American, but we don’t from RT.
  15. foreign agent. 1st amendment not applicable.
  16. Foreign agent, funded by foreign government, running the most successful anti-USA propaganda op in the USA. why haven’t they shut it down yet? Easy as fuck to do.
  17. Generally, a trust that is set up properly should address your concerns about retirement benefits. The point of a trust is that you no longer are the owner of the assets. Beneficiary income could be attachable in some cases, but the corpus of the trust is generally not. There are also “look back” provisions to consider, one of the reasons I have a Wyoming trust.
  18. Apparently we got 6” of the white stuff at our house overnight, but it looks really warm this week so I will put all the taps in after we get back from visiting the old folks in crazyland As for the age, it was a respected arborist with some letters after his name who wrote that they were 350-400 years old. Apparently that’s not so rare here, the science books seem to agree. We also have an old settler site on the property with a stone stream box in some deep woods, not as old as the trees I suspect. Re: landman lore…thanks for that. Easy to forget the unreliability of old lore when thes
  19. today’s PSA: you should not own your large assets in your own name. Please call your family lawyer or a respected asset or estate planner and work on asssignment to a family trust or LLC. It is a routine matter. Typically setting up a solid asset protection trust for some property holdings costs between 1500 and 2500 in legal and filing fees. Doing an in/out transfer for the actual real estate can be more complex but a good real estate law firm should be able to sort it out quickly and easily provided your lender or lien holder is responsive. ***THIS IS NOT SPECIFIC LEGAL ADVICE
  20. The copyright police are on their way!!! (Hey Tom, why do you think they aren’t?)
  21. A typical refinancing package for a big building with a personal guarantee might include, by way of example only: 700 pages of environmental reports, 300 pages of security agreements and/or mortgages, a hundred pages of financial statements and pro formas, 50 pages of intercreditor agreements, 500 pages of title work, and 400 pages of personal guarantees. I have a lot of doc sets for largish property deals that are between 1200 and 2000 pages.
  22. I was also told by an old landman that these trees haven’t been tapped in a long time and should be very very sweet. I will report. These are sugar maples with biggest diameter at head height around 5’
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