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  1. One world, you are clearly in a manic state and should get with your psychiatrist before it gets worse. The guy who got booted did not get booted fir anything he did in this thread btw. He got booted because he is also manic depressive and his sock was escalating to an unsafe mental state, in other words to keep him from doing something Very Bad. it appears you are approaching a similar state, with similar signposts. If you list the medications you have been prescribed over the past few years, someone here may be able to help…
  2. PJ deserves whatever horrid sewage flows his way. Fucking rat.
  3. PJ Is a rat bitch who uses these forums to troll for people to threaten. He likes to pretend he is a rich guy so he threatens defamation suits like the bargain basement Peter Thiel wannabe he is
  4. You are a good man Jono, witness to the beginning of the main chapter in my life. Much love to you.
  5. Bro I didn’t figure you for that guy who likes to spatula the makeup off before you can get to the actual surface of the object of your affection. To each his own tho. We all have our quirks
  6. That chick’s face looks like the holes in a pachinko machine. Boothy has that ‘haven’t had my eyes checked in 6 years’ taste
  7. Not in Texas or really anywhere in the US.
  8. Those numbers are a case study in obfuscation, which is Nielsen’s business model. They do reveal averages…
  9. “Reached” lol. Nice metric. How many actually watched? “Derp”
  10. It’s crazy that BLM isn’t putting all its effort into curing sickle cell anemia. CRAZY!
  11. We’ve just moved to VT, but at the other end of the state (Wilmington area, Near Mt Snow). We are however taking a family trip to Burlington either this weekend or next. Send me an email with details and we may be able to pop in and have a look. use the email you can find for me at Feinsteinlawfirm.com/ourattorneys/
  12. You assume too much. Poster said reading hoa docs/condo docs/restrictive covenants was like reading the Bible. I meant to point out that, if you otherwise wanted the home, a few hundred bucks to have a lawyer help you understand such things would be prudent. The majority of residential purchases do not require a lawyer. The problem is you never know which ones do, and if you are enamored with the house or otherwise find a reason not to have a document pro advise you when you really need one, it tends to be very bad. i have always counseled property owners to spend a few hours and le
  13. https://study.com/academy/lesson/constructive-notice-in-real-estate.html
  14. Give me a break. If you don’t have a lawyer to help you with this stuff when you buy a house, you are asking for this kind of shit.
  15. Huh? They are recorded against the title. That means all purchasers are on notice. If your title company didn’t find it and put it in your policy as an exhibit, you could have a claim against the title company, but definitely not the seller or HOA.
  16. Did you not read the bylaws/covenants before you bought the property?
  17. An HOA is generally an unincorporated association empowered to enforce the restrictive covenants and condo document provisions that every prospective homeowner has every opportunity to review prior to purchase. There is ample notice of the restrictions and if you live there, you specifically chose to submit to the HOA. so which part don’t you understand?
  18. How about if we just don’t allow Christian sharia law? Oh, too late.
  19. Yeah similar thought process to what I engaged in first via lengthy discussions with Hamish Ross and later while sitting in the courtroom in Manhattan. In my opinion, negotiating even the details of a hip pocket challenge violates the prohibition against considering a challenge before the current challenge is decided, but my impression is that the court would disagree, and find that negotiating the details of lodging of a challenge would not be “considering” a challenge A hip pocket challenge is dangerous if not done with every formality perfectly observed, but I doubt the court would i
  20. Having met and enjoyed my time with him, Jeff is funny, self-deprecating, and generous. He is even a good problem solver for someone with his level of intelligence.
  21. Ain’t no bogging down on these facts. I have a feeling a few lawyers are overpromising because they need to get some revenues in to replace all that Stop the Steal billing. It’s fascinating how gullible billionaires can be when it comes to their hobbies.
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