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  1. first maple season in Vermont for us. Tapped two 400 year old trees, single tap only. Got almost half a gallon from each in two days of 35 degree temps. It’s very sweet, kid and her friend drank it up before we could boil. Rest of taps going in Tuesday
  2. Ummm the Norwegians Finns and Danes say “our next door neighbor has 4-8x our death rate. Must be the meatballs.” echo you really are bad at this graph from Jan 30
  3. Sorry, inside joke. My favorite person in the world is just 4’3”
  4. There are plenty of people here who run a business built by their forebears, but precious few who believe they are somehow special for it. There seem to be less short people too, which is a bonus.
  5. Apparently it’s cool if they just come on in and take over the apparatus of government in say Texas, and then hold a “vote” that shows that Texans want Venezuelan rule. That’s called an “invitation”. Hell, Tucker Carlson is already inviting Putin to come on over
  6. Either that or we had a pandemic that killed my aunt and fucked up my cousin before March 2020 was out, and there was no way I was sailing with a bunch of racist right wing antivax q-tards last year. Now I live in Vermont, where trust fund righties running the lucrative firm their dad built are few and far between. Aaaahhhhh. Not even joking about the q-anon, but Midwest education can be lacking at times.
  7. Move to Vermont. Teachers are great here and we don’t seem to have any bible thumpers or anti maskers. My property taxes are high, but cheaper than the private school tuition I’d be spending if I lived in a lot of other places.
  8. I was told to go to law school or med school
  9. Hahahahahahaha hahahahahaha Ha ha ha oh shit that’s good. Hey, Putin has a 97% favorable rating (using the same voting system). Maybe you need to read up on the invasion and subsequent vote. Or perhaps a dictionary: you seem to not understand the word “invite”.
  10. I had the pleasure on a couple of weeknights when I first moved to Detroit. A hell of a man. Condolences to his family and crew.
  11. If that’s what you want, I’ll do my best. Just PM me her cell number and I’ll keep you posted.
  12. Where are you frequently exposed to black people using the n word? You binge The Wire over the holidays? Or are you a hard nosed teacher bringing knowledge amd opportunity to inner city youth?
  13. Where do you hear it used often?
  14. I can’t tell whether you are referring to Proud Boys, Patriot Front, or 50% of white folk in the south. I am pretty sure what most of them mean when they say it
  15. Which they? Black people as a unit? Or just those you think of as n words?
  16. They don’t have to be, provided Ukraine is cool with letting them annex their country piece by piece. Did y’all forget that Russia marched in and changed the boundary lines by…umm…the width of a peninsula? A few years ago?
  17. Ah thanks. Missed it. That’s dumb. I wish people would use words accurately.
  18. The entire south. They never even started wearing masks in much of it.
  19. Permitted by whom? And why the quotation marks?
  20. Several of those mentions were from as recently as 2017-2018. I was a fanatical rogan listener at the time. He is not what most wypipo would consider racist, his racism consists of willfully failing to educate himself, which is pretty minor as offenses go, and it’s not limited to race or covid - unless he is talking about bow hunting, fighting, weed, comedy, or hallucinogens, he is an absolute moron, willfully so. I stopped listening to him when he went down the anti-intellectualism rabbit hole, which was not long after he went to spotify and cashed that check. Being really rich and living in
  21. I’m guessing he decided to skip some meds again. It happens. Mental disease is unpredictable.
  22. You can assume that joe can’t get convicted of a crime and keep all the money but the rest is pure (and likely incorrect) speculation. Rogan had all the leverage in the transaction.
  23. Not really. Florida doesn’t have protective measures. Never really did.
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