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  1. Is incitement protected speech? How about sedition? What about defamation? Is there such a thing as “fighting words” anymore?
  2. How’d your interview with the FBI go? Did you take your kids to task for turning you in?
  3. Divorced 4 years ago, probably hadn’t been touched by a woman since long before then, kids thought he was an asshole, spent last four years with kiddie porn and ammosexual buddies watching newsmax and drinking and shooting. we’ve seen this before. Hell, a couple hundred similar folks are under arrest for a coup. I’m not saying all capitol insurgents are kiddie porn purveyors, but I bet some of them are!
  4. I broke no story nor did I have anything to do with the Ed’s post. I have not claimed anyone was naughty. I just posted some public info. There’s plenty more floating around out there, but it ain’t published by the arb panel. Getting booted from other sites seems to have made you more paranoid.
  5. Which is not a confidential case
  6. I don’t work in sailing, Jaime. I do however have the fortune of being part of a group of lawyers and rules advisors who like to talk about cases and arbs. And no, the list of arbs you see published does not include the confidential cases.
  7. Anyone seen the settlement agreement from case 02/03? there’s a reason it was intentionally hidden from the public. ”This decision will be publicly notified. The Applications and all other documents filed on ECAF or otherwise and provided in discovery in respect of these cases are not to be published and remain confidential between the Parties”
  8. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09050036
  9. Wrong. It is extremely easy to control a struggling 9 year old for anyone with even a modicum of training. The obvious problem is that somehow cops are allowed to keep their jobs despite being slow, fat, and not keeping up on any training whatsoever. Wide consensus on this from the entire martial arts and military community.
  10. Web is back up in Yangon. Colleague: “we expected the coup. We didn’t expect them to be able to shut all communications across the country down simultaneously.”
  11. Crazily enough, 90% of the residents of the countries involved in the ABRAHAM ACCORDS don’t live in the middle east either, and are neither Arab nor Jew. Weird, isn’t it?
  12. I guess my firm’s Myanmar office gonna have to do some adapting. Ugh. Visas gonna be complicated too. https://globallegalmyanmar.com/
  13. Quick question: what’s an Arab and how does a nation become Arab?
  14. Nor that these were actually “peace deals” instead of money laundering proposals designed to get around bans on materiel sales to bad actors.
  15. Morocco and Sudan are Arab?? That’s news to them! regarding the Nobel for Javanka...probably a good deal to wait a month on that one. Take away the illegal arms that Java promised and guess what? Those non-Arabs and Arabs back to hating Jews.
  16. No, that was a good sled dog. A leader would keep the lack with him. Huskies are not ideal pets because they are good sled dogs. Just like Dean is not a world class AC72 driver because he is a great monohull match racer. Even Jimmy falls into this category though he is close to the boundary. In order to turn a husky into a good pet, you have to start breaking the running predisposition before he is weaned. Dean missed that boat for his age, and we will never know how Amwow would have done if Nathan or Rashley or Bora or Rast or Slingers or any other top ten mothie would’ve done on t
  17. Someone forgot what multihull “foiling” was before etnz 72. Do you really not remember “w” foils on the GC? Fill yer hands?
  18. Depends. Is the kind of harm prevented by adding them to the No Fly List also prevented by them not voting? also...depending on where they live, the felony will take their right to vote away anyway
  19. Can you explain this statement? I am not a bk lawyer but I review bk docs frequently and am not aware of the “special IRS obligation”.
  20. Far as I know all bankruptcies are public. Anyone with a pacer account can see all filings.
  21. I’m not disparaging any of their bona fides at winning sailboat races. I merely point out my longtime mantra when forecasting future performance: its best indicator is past performance. Luna Rossa selected their “skipper” and unique driver setup for branding and political reasons. Magic, Ineos for trust and ego reasons. I know which team my money is on, though I’d be equally happy for ineos or NZ to win it.
  22. Careful, it is felony counterfeiting in some places. Those plaques are same as currency or a stock medallion. They’ll add that to Wess’s indictment along with taking that picture with Viking hat guy in Nancy Pelosi’s office.
  23. how many foiling championships does TH have under his belt? I haven’t updated myself.
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