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  1. All white Christians are not anti science but all anti-science people are either white Christians or gullible idiots who get their news from white Christians. remember Wessdy the reason for Santa clause, the Easter bunny, and bible study class: you have to condition people early if your expect them to still believe your bullshit when they are adults (and tithe)
  2. Oh wessdy, there you go again pretending that the whole trump/insurrection/anti-science movement isn’t a white Christian thing. You know better than anyone the current death stats by political affiliation and religion. I would never say we should put Christians in camps. I would however suggest we should all applaud them for their recent decision making processes and encourage it. No measles vax for religious schools? No problem. Of course they can’t enter stores or any other place open to the public.
  3. As long as the 2000 people who keep dying every day continue to be 95% white Christians, I’m good with no mandates. If smart people start dying again, mandates!
  4. Wess is short and chubby btw, and looks like 80% of the capitol rioters. also doesn’t realize that the point has been to allow as many GOPers as possible to kill themselves with antivax before the mid terms. Michigan and Georgia are already safe dem votes now that so many tens of thousands of excess Christians have died. Since they knew manchin would fuck voting rights, the only solution was to trigger max conspiracy theory, make sure Tucker was paid off, and keep fingers crossed that no republican could slow the stupid. all that’s left now is to pray that the Christian sharia
  5. Are you saying that Italians and black people were targeted by stop and frisk, or that deblasio was mayor when stop amd frisk was ruled unconstitutional? just checking which gas you are lighting today. Maybe Reason writers took the day off. Or maybe you just like writing “nigger” and “wop” so much that you are ok writing silly false sentences so you can inject them.
  6. Imagine the power all the white tailed deer would have should they choose to organize. They’d shut down everything!
  7. And you are a moron the bullshit after the dash does not change the nature of the message an iota. It’s just bullshit following incontrovertible evidence of election fraud by anyone who acted on it or intended it to be acted upon
  8. He doesn’t have much choice. It is far too humiliating for him to have to reveal that he never learned to spell and has trouble reading. Not sure how he ever got a pilots’ license but he can only ever get through the first paragraph before it all goes to intellectual dung
  9. And now you guys see what my procrastination looks like when I am supposed to be doing a form check for a biotech’s shelf registration statement on form S-3. Mer said she wants to replace the yellow pine floors with white oak, which means I am working until the 25th to pay for it instead of sleeping for the next 4 days
  10. Yup. And for small claims, Make sure you listen carefully to the judge’s questions accurately, and answer precisely. Simple, brief, and using the basic facts without speculation or emotion will get you a judgment (which can be turned into a different kind of lien) and the boat lien.
  11. If you have a business working on boats, develop a procedure for collections. If it is a real business, hire a lawyer. They don’t all charge what I do
  12. Provided the steps of the statute are followed, the boat can be sold, but not titled until the lien is removed.
  13. Small claims is great, burden of proof is same “preponderance of the evidence” as any suit though foundation rules for evidence are slightly looser, and as stated above, in many jurisdictions you can get attorneys fees or other “bonuses” depending on certain factors.
  14. You gotta love a cal licensed “specialist” in maritime law who doesn’t cite the California boaters lien law. Wtf?
  15. No, but it is a property interest that depends on priority and can force a sale without that much trouble. If she is a deadbeat with you she is a deadbeat with others, get yo claim in!
  16. Oh come now, you don’t think he should follow the instructions for filing a judgment lien posted by Ventucky or something from a Texas anecdote? Surely a sailmaker from City Island or a fiberglass sprayer from Jersey has the solution to this conundrum! It must be moron mating season or something
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