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  1. Well YOU oughta Know!! With What you've done to your boat is spectacular!
  2. In other news ….Paul has finally got rags on Bags and boy do they look sexy! Will let Him share the details......
  3. Hey all Can we move the Bullfrog bitchin, Whinging and antagonising to the Bullfrog page (Bullfrogs Mast). It kind of wrecked this thread about Older Aus Multis.
  4. Checkout Darrens nets on Top Gun in Pittwater. They were not cheap but look good and strong. XL2 has the same nets by the same manufacturer ith think it may be Gordon Myers but i may be wrong
  5. Mad dogs Tip truck! Grainger MTB 920 Trimaran and winner of AMOC in the nineties She sits on her mooring on the Central coast of NSW and is in need of a bit of love ........ PM me if youre interested.
  6. XL2.............................Previously not for sale at any price , Now 120k But don't be fooled by the pics! They were taken a few years ago and do not represent the boat now. http://www.multihullcentral.com/crowther-super-shockwave-39-performance-catamaran/
  7. Wahoo is now a cruiser with a doghouse built on it, No more racing for this old girl.
  8. Top gun is in Cairns getting ready for the round Aus race
  9. The Guy who is trying to buy Current sunshine will restore her name to Bullfrog, Paint it green and white, Get rid of the electric motor and batteries, Put her on a strict diet, Get rid of the electric toilet, Dynex the standing rigging and give her some Love.
  10. Bullfrog, Verbatim, Pacific cranes, Baleena, Aero,...............The famous Trimaran of many names. Does anyone have a link for the video of this boat sailing into Coffs Harbour on a storm wave?
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