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  1. You want airbus to build it??
  2. Armel's skin looks great.. what's his secret?
  3. I must have missed this video earlier but in the weekly recap I noticed that Isabelle seemed to be hauling ass while announcing her retirement! It looked like she was doing 20 knots while calmly letting everyone know her boat was broken! I would have had no idea what the video was about had there not been subtitles.
  4. I can tell Dalin is a millennial by his skew towards CH for the selfie
  5. It's a little tough for me to relate to their decision making as well but isn't their goal just to get their names mentioned? Doesn't seem like that necessarily requires success.
  6. Uhh... do they mean shippers not being willing to pay the cost of preparing for such weather?
  7. This still implies that recent sailing has not been using the final foils. That doesn't seem like the strategy I'd want to take if I had any other choice.
  8. What's up with the clear sail? Is that so AT can see the islands in front of him better?
  9. The in person experience today was great. Plenty of free parking in downtown SF just for the event. A free, fast shuttle over to the race village. All of the viewing locations were close enough to the action to feel some adrenaline when the boats picked up speed or had a close call. I thought it was going to be a huge hassle bringing my family up there from Sunnyvale and that it might not be worth it. But I am really glad I went. I will be back if they come by again and will try to convince some friends to come too!
  10. Sorry if I missed this, but I'm wondering about the forward cockpit. I don't think I've seen a boat with dual cockpits like that before. Is it just a nice place to sit that you might as well include on a boat this long with this rig? Or is there a deeper reason?
  11. A couple of things. Yes, the boat does fit in a 40'HC container but it does need to be canted on the trailer to fit into the box. The boat is actually 254cm wide. But it is pretty simple to get her in and out of the box.Try the website www.thinkseascape.com as the boat has changed a bit from the conceptual PDF in the link that you supplied. I'm actually not asking about that. I'm asking is it really cheaper than "a marina berth" to ship the boat?
  12. SSC 27 looks like a great boat. I'm reading through that PDF linked at the beginning of the thread (http://www.biehlmarin.com/mediapool/3/35906/data/Seascape_27/2x-stage2_ver6.pdf), and I found the following quote: "The true uniqueness of Seascape 27 is that she is the only offshore capable boat that fits into a 40’HC container (only 233 cm wide) while sitting on the trailer. That means you simply roll her in, ship her to your favourite destination for less than a price of the marina berth, and roll her out when she arrives" My question is about the "less than the price of a marina
  13. Why would the value be in the bulb? Lead is cheap and you can cast your own in a backyard with normal household equipment. The bulb is not much of an engineering challenge because it bears little load way out there on the end and there is no incentive to make it light. That makes it likely irrelevant to any investigation. The strut is almost certainly more valuable scrap and information.
  14. The boat looks gorgeous. Maybe I'm coming too late to this discussion but it seem like something is different about the proportion of the rig relative to the hull than I'm used to. It seems like there is a lot of distance between the ends of the sails (jib tack and main clew) and the ends of the boat. Is my perspective off or is this a real feature? If so, what is the reason for it?
  15. Hook up with the TCC prime!

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