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  1. Except for sails , I built everything. I think I will purchase my next boat…
  2. Having logged around the central coast of British Columbia, and up to Alaska, I have seen lots of bears. Generally if you are quiet, and stay away from where they want to go, they will leave you alone. However, if they are scared for Cubs, or you approach one of their kills. They will let you know, sometimes with deadly intent. Black bears for the most part are less aggressive. Grizzly are more likely to stalk a human. Either way, unless you can shoot them from a long ways off, the bear will be arriving at about 40 miles an hour, and you won’t be able to get a round off, let alone get your sho
  3. Spencer’s marine supply and consignment, located in Sidney, B.C. has always helped me out. www.spencersmarinesupply.com
  4. I use these a lot , but they don’t cut the carbon fibre cleanly. I drill undersized holes, then die grind the laminate up to size, epoxy the bore and redrill to finished size with a standard point. The reason I use a standard type drill is it centres itself , unless I can use my drill press, then brad point drills are fine. This is assuming the article has a core, to epoxy into. The boom may not, so sealing the fibre may present its own issues.hope this helps.
  5. Wood shed is full of fir, current weekly forecast for 78 degrees here on Vancouver island. No turning leaves on the maples yet , which seems funny.. last year the had started by now.
  6. There is a Peterson 35 for sale, at cherry point on Cowichan Bay. I can pm you more info. A friend of mine owns it and it sails a charm. If only I could turn the image...
  7. Vic prop is right on highway one. Good guy.
  8. Or you could tighten up the retaing bolts to see if the shaft still moves. If the shaft doesn't move fore and aft then put a "4 sale" on it. Get the boat you really want. Or sail it. Your choice...
  9. I see no problem with that, can you expound on that a little bit?
  10. I am thinking my old Harley Sportster used the same style voltage regulator. You may find a few of those for sale if look in the right places. The permanent magnets in the clutch basket put out 50 volts from the two wire plug, then the regulator took that down to 14 v dc. Just pointing out some options, hope it works out for you
  11. Worst place for a sailor? The USA. No Bullrails. Fixed it for you lol.
  12. Ghallager, a Peterson 35, is alive and well on Cowichan Bay. We still race around the Gulf Islands from time to time. Great for cruising, we sail with a furling number 2 head sail. The tiller is hands off for the most part. Great boat.
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