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  1. Deadman’s Flat Yacht Club.
  2. Someone borrowed the Partridge family bus paint scheme. https://youtu.be/1hVBfRCwNyM
  3. The misery is the same in Toronto, just a week later. Oh to be at BOOT Düsseldorf!
  4. I cannot imagine a mast mounted unit being any more complicated than using current heading, distance and velocity (maybe averaged) to give an idea of your TTL as discussed. Any other situation where you have bunged things and need to tack could be done via a sail steer type display (think of a projected vector past the pinged line, the a forecast to rack) but at that point you’d be pretty well last at that start and would never have applied any tactics or starting skills. Electronics just can’t substitute for someone’s wits being about them. I will admit that I rarely use that fun
  5. Can’t argue with that. I’m just hyper cheap and like to recycle stuff I already have in the pile.
  6. I agree with you Ryley, I am just cringing at $2k CAD for another box when I have a pile of great stuff laying around after owing a well equipped large keel boat before my OD boat. Most of my fleet races with a Velocitek Prostart or Tacktick Racemaster. The Racegeek seems perfect just expensive. I’m still really tempted by the Sailmon, just no reply from them about some basic questions yet.
  7. Any B&G Zeus 2 or 3 plotter with a wind instrument will do everything you need. The only issues are: 12v power, space - where to mount it and that you’d want a real compass sensor. It’s of course more of a keelboat solution. The Zeus and compass will be cheaper than a RG, you might even have enough money for a wind sensor or N2K wiring, but you’d have needed that for the RG anyways. Just saying when it comes to spending cash, a modern colour sailing chart plotter is a great tool for the money, that we seem to forget here.
  8. Depends. It would be fun for some friends who have a clue to fix, but to pay a yard - you’d better have more cash than the ed! Still might be a challenge after A4 - the FT—10 repeat.
  9. Fantastic news. Hopefully you don’t get hacked again!!
  10. The racegeek website isn't loading? Any idea if they are still in business? In the mean time, this looks promising - https://sailmon.com/max/
  11. Well the feds do consider it a crime to import unregistered pesticides, which antifouling paints fit into (PMRA Regulations). So the issue is the federal approvals and small market as you state. I am just not willing to have $300 of paint seized and when I called Pettit they said Cdn approval was in the works.
  12. I haven’t even tried my 140%. Experiment with rig setup before spending $$$ on a sail then borrow one.
  13. Yeah. Just the boarder guards who will take it and charge me with various crimes for importing illegal chemicals.
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