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  1. What an utter cunt. I know 2 people who've owned this boat and both rave about her, great performance with a useful interior, demountable and trailerable. Looks well spec'd and cared for, whoever buys her won't be disappointed.
  2. The gamers have some stuff going on here http://toxcct.free.fr/polars/ but given AT reckons HB will do 30 knots in 17 knots TWS they’re miles off, more like Class 40 numbers..
  3. Does anyone happen to have any polars for a foiler..?
  4. Those grinders look like they’re blowing out of their arses...
  5. Maybe consider a backtow lifejacket https://www.teamomarine.com
  6. Haha, of course a ~40 tonne whale is all soft blubberiness you'd just bounce off. Ffs, sailing into anything substantial at 20+ knots is almost certainly going to write your boat off.
  7. I'm surprised Alex doesn't describe the sound of an impact like that, especially in a full carbon boat. I've hit, with the daggerboard of a trimaran, what we presumed was a whale (off the Azores, night time, nothing seen) from ~9 knots to a dead stop in a ~ 3.5 ton boat and there was a massive bang. They were luck to get away with no serious injuries, even our relatively slow crash resulted in a dislocated shoulder for the skipper who was standing within inches of the bulkhead he hit and bruising for myself when I bent the SS wheel with my back. Have heard it estimated to be a 3 month job to r
  8. Presumably with all the Nokia Bell labs cameras etc this collision will have been captured on video - I wonder if we'll ever get to see it..?
  9. Can you tell us more about the downwind sail plan Lowgroove and the rationale around the choices you’ve made there? Thanks
  10. May not be the Vendee set up given they'll be working the boat up with a lot of people on board but I would think this is likely the permanent location. Worst case kind of scenario being the thing rapidly sinking after a massive collision or whatever such that you're making your way out the escape hatch on the transom ISAF Cat 0 A sufficient number of liferafts so that in the event of any one liferaft being lost or rendered unserviceable, sufficient aggregate capacity remains for all crewmembers Liferaft Packing and Stowage Each liferaft sh
  11. Some good flat water footage here, turn the volume down though
  12. I think the reason for the foils being constant radius and is to do with the rule limiting the rotational degree of freedom - how and where the 5º limit of that is being measured ie 'at the non-adjustable fixed bearing in close proximity to the hull'. By retracting the board tip to the measurement point they've found a loop hole that allows them a much greater range of 'rake' ...
  13. Gorgeous boat, congratulations. IMO any modification of will most likely ruin her...
  14. Good read but it's pretty much a rehash of this VPLP presentation from the summer....
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