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  1. I have many great memories sailing on a 'Tuna 35. Back in the day we won our Div. against a very tough fleet at the Whidbey Island Race Week in a Santana 35. Yes, they like breeze but do OK in moderate winds as well. I have come across far less water logged Santana 35's compared to many J Boats of the same era. For the money the Santana 35 offers a lot of bang for the buck. The aft. berths are huge which is great as the v-berths are almost always non-existent. Being a frac. it is easier on your headsail budget and for cruising you don't need to worry about the runners. Many had Volvo's diesel
  2. Did the Bukh bite the dust? We had one local Laser 28 who did a rebuild and that seems to be going well for the owner.
  3. Had a J/30 once. It is not a boat I would own again but agree with your advice on getting a great survey! Thx again.
  4. It is time to be a boat owner again. Once upon a time we would gather at this place called Whidbey Island for a week or so and race boats when we were not storming the rum tent. Back in the glory days they had a "Performance 30" fleet for boats in this size range. If you were there in the day you knew this fleet. If you know of anything for sale in this size range, plus or minus a few feet, let me know. Who else misses WIRW? Thx in advance.
  5. Johnson 18 or a Lightning are both lightweight small boats that might it the bill.
  6. Where can I learn the trick of posting pictures in SA. forums??

  7. You say that like it is a bad thing....
  8. As I recall this is true - if memory serves his crew did not make weigh in for class so rather than punt a crew member, he elected to sail in Perf instead, just like any good dickhead would do. I could be wrong, but that is how my memory serves on that topic.
  9. All I know about Espo is that he sails a mean J/29 and is not afraid to put his money where his mouth his. I had a chance to chat with Espo a few years back and they guy was a straight shooter who was more than willing to help out a fellow sailor. Espo get's the vote in my books
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