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  1. Yeah, particularly with guns, - one of their key services that has to stay open.
  2. You have to laugh that he won’t wear a mask in front of other world leaders because he would look stilly. The fund to get a black op mission to kidnap Boris and deliver him to the Oval Office has reached $1.56 Billion
  3. Spring is the best time of year, even staying home I can appreciate it.
  4. I imagine if Ovington end up building Lasers they will have a very tough job ..... getting it UP to weight. For those the other side of the pond Ovingtons are the UK’s best production dinghy builder.
  5. Completely off topic, has the USA every designed a good looking dinghy?
  6. Something very wrong about how he has the sail rigged, I think it might be missing the mast
  7. Regardless it is bad form to tinker with a race boat and take it out of class and then sell it on.
  8. I love how flat the boat is most of the time despite the antics
  9. Much better than a Hard days Night with Elinor Rigby
  10. Points for creativity but not sure I understand how this is a good or even fair sailing race.
  11. I think he was secretly being towed by a Yellow Submarine
  12. What is the criteria, how is it measured and verified. A max speed for a second on a sat nav is not that relevant.
  13. Fully agree, Aeros fitted with glide free at my club, at lift off they rapidly bear away and then capsize. At 35kg the aero was not designed to take the localised loads of glide free or designed to take the impact of falling off foils.
  14. On the drawing in Proboat UFO stands for Universal Foiling One-design a much more apt name, hopefully in a short while, certainly over the pond, it will be very 'identifiable'
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