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  1. Hmmm, main and genoa should be fine, but downwind sails and the sprit length are going to cause you handicap issues. Lack of weight is also a significant problem. In your shoes (and if I really wanted to race under IRC/OCR) I would replace the sprit with something much shorter, bring the spi down to c.100m2, and leave it at that, but it would still be unlikely to be competitive. You could consider swapping the keel out for a more rating-friendly design, but you're in danger of making a real mess of the boat and still ending up with something a 3300 will run rings around. Good
  2. Looks like they're trying to appeal to those that can't decide between a 3600 and something a little more cruisey. Sincerely hope it'll rate under IRC or it can face the same limited sale pattern as the SS 24/27. Personally I love the SS24, and pretty much all of Sam M's designs, but I bought a 3600 as it's pointless racing (and impossible to sell) if it don't rate.
  3. bissona

    B&G Nemesis

    No idea, I’m afraid. And initial real-world feedback on the Nemesis is that screen legibility isn’t great. We’re going to sail winter without mast instruments and review the market in spring for a suitable solution.
  4. You were very kind to take me out in such miserable conditions (and with my cackhanded helming)! I loved the boat, and I will seriously consider buying one once my 3600 days are over, even if it's just to go out and play in the gales.
  5. I spent several months trying to buy a 24 from Ancasta last autumn but the salesman was appalling. They still have boat I sea trialled (and made a not-very-rude-offer on), not that they’d notice it in amongst the big cruisers. The 18, 24 & 27 are all lovely boats, but they all suffer too much under IRC, and against the competition. Until VPRS gets a better foothold (or indeed, if) the brits and French are going to continue to race under IRC. You can make all the family videos you like but anyone buying a boat with those specs is coming from racing, and likely to want to race pretty re
  6. Better be a while, mines only being fitted tomorrow!
  7. bissona

    B&G Nemesis

    Looking at what few details I can glean from the interwebs, the 9" appears to be over 8x the price of the Triton, but both act as largely dumb displays. The low res is also disappointing, as is the fact you need power + NMEA. Looking very much like a product for the 50ft+ serious racing market, with budgets to suit. Great shame as it's long overdue for a manufacturer to bring out a simple 9" portrait mast display with three configurable zones. As others have mentioned above, turn them out in volume at $1k and you'd snaffle up a large slice of the market, but the 9" equates to $4.2k over
  8. bissona

    B&G Nemesis

    Have just finished speccing a Triton based system and am leaving the mast bare until I see how these shake out. I was keen on it due to the auto mode-switching but that turns out to be H5000 only. They've come in for a fair bit of (justified) flack over pricing, so I'm hoping there'll be some substantial discounting over winter to get a few units onto boats. Even then, going to need to do its mode-switching with Triton / Zeus3s before I'll be selling a kidney to buy one.
  9. Thanks all, there's some fantastic advice on here. One final question relates to payment profile. While I have faith in the dealer involved, I would normally expect to retain 10%-20% to resolve any issues on arrival. The boat will be delivered without cloth, however, so no chance to test sail within the first few weeks. What % would you expect to retain until you could step aboard and at least check electronics, etc were working?
  10. Thanks Nick. Any reason to avoid the Venu? Screen size seems the same as the Fenix but less stuff I won't use (and hence a little more realistically priced).
  11. Many thanks, hit the nail on the head. Am looking at a 3600 but alloy mast rather than carbon. Electrics still work out about 25% cheaper with fixed price fitting locally, and some additional choice over units and locations. Any changes you would make if you were fitting one out again?
  12. Good call. Will look at doing the large majority of running rigging here as the factory options are pretty pricey. Getting competing sail quotes from North and Technique Voiles but would also be good to get a third (Incidence?).
  13. Thanks, have already discovered this to an extent on the 'electronics pack', about 25% more than local supply & fit. Will take a look at rigging too as some of the options also seem to carry a factory-fit weighting.
  14. Thanks, but if no one bought new the sport might suffer a little... That said, I'm also looking at a secondhand version for c.70% of the price. EU purchase, c.€200k, established production boat from a volume manufacturer. Not that many options, most of which are either obviously required or overpriced.
  15. I'm close to agreeing a price for a new boat but, having only bought secondhand previously, don't really have any experience of commissioning, contract, payment schedules, etc, etc, For those that have bought new, from a main dealer / distributor, what are you really glad you did and what would you do next time differently? Any and all advice appreciated!
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