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  1. Where have you been hiding and how are you doing? Vid of your old boat for street cred. (205) 11946937 10203554353179060 1779797957 n - YouTube
  2. The Prindle is trivial to trailer behind my Sprinter van but I am sorta kinda maybe sometime looking into a bigger something to do stuff like weekend, or a little longer, cruises. A C24 or C27 or some other flavor of an fboat.
  3. Kinda towing question. My brother is a retired owner of a long haul trucking company who worked his way up from a long haul truck driver. When I bought my Prindle 18-2 it came on a home built trailer and he made a big deal about tongue weight and how important it was to get the boat correctly located on the trailer so the tongue weight was not to much or little. So what kinda stuff is necessary to make sure an fboat is correctly located on the trailer to have the right tongue weight.
  4. Stiletto 27 at just over 13 ft beam would fit in most slips. It will beat the pants off every thing mentioned so far as it is basically an over grown beach cat. There are coffin like bunks in the hulls and if you have half a day you can take it apart and put it on a trailer with a couple of big strong friends. Easy to rig a tent over the boom for boat camping. (203) Capt Mike's inpection - YouTube
  5. My brother was a long haul trucker who owned his trucking company with a dozen rigs. He went with me when I bought my Prindle 18-2 and drove my Sprinter van back to his ranch. After that I drove it to the marina where I store it over 200 miles away. Tramps in place on both trips. The first advice he gave me was do the double nickel. I kept the Sprinter at 55mph on cruise control with no problems. One thing I noticed in lots of the pix is no shots of the stern of the boat. My brother also said it is a good idea to put a red/orange flag (or multiple ones) back there; especially if the mas
  6. On an unfriendly shore like the one in the pix your biggest issue will likely be finding some type of beach dolly to help you launch and recover what ever you wind up with. This is a vid showing a dolly used for a Windrider. Cat Trax makes a dolly for beach cats. If you can't manhandle the boat your self you can use something like a come along or a winch for more power. (193) Loading Hobie TI on a beach dolly - YouTube
  7. I was in San Diego for the 2019 Baja HaHa and saw SW on the hard. Took bunches of pix of it not knowing what it was. It was still the "sexy gray" then and I was reminded of the term "gray ghost". Reading the whole thread a couple of things stand out. If the MOCRA ratings are even remotely correct the Corsair 880 1.296 (Ouch) rating has to be light years ahead of everything else in terms of bang for the buck. But as the kid who is the skipper of Power Play said when asked about speeds of Bank Pop and PP he noted in a nice sea state PP would give BP a run for the money but in the open ocean
  8. Maybe the third or forth time I spoke to Steve he invited me to go sail with him on a C31 he was taking out of the water after it returned from the Bahamas. Thing is he was in Tampa taking the mast of a C36 and putting it on a trailer and a thunderstorm hit and he had to stop doing that so had some free time to talk. At the time I put a higher priority on getting a boat on and off the trailer than quickly and easily than the advantages a C36 has over small fboats which he said excluded a C36 since it was not an owner only job. Thing was he also showed me a Seawind and for a long term cruisi
  9. My reason is they were a gift from my Dad that was on the name sake of my boat Blythe Spirit. My Dad's 38 ft Abaco gaff rigged schooner built in Marsh Harbor in 1954 was named Blythe Spirit and the took the clock and barometer off and put them on the wall of his house when he was living on dirt. My Seawind does have a composting head which weighs less than a porcelain throne many old fashioned boats have; not to mention the weight of 20+ gallons of water and a tank to hold it. While the through hulls and plumbing may not weigh a whole lot getting rid of through hulls is always a big OK
  10. Hi Wess. I have great respect for the way you treated me when I was asking questions about the C36. Convinced me to fly from Florida to Germany to look at one to keep in Europe as a second boat only to have COVID-19 mess up my plans. Not sure when COVID-19 will wind down but I am still planning to follow through on getting a second boat. While I love my Seawind catamaran for winter cruising I am looking for a boat out of the hurricane zone for summer cruising. One of the biggest reasons I like the Seawind is I can single hand it with impunity and I am wondering about your though
  11. A lot of the pix show Mistral sails that seem to be straight off a windsurfer but they are pinheads like the one in this vid. I would bet it would be possible to use a more modern full batten Mistral/windsurfer sail. In any case this was the first time I have seen a boat like this and it does seem interesting. (140) HOLOPUNI CANOES by DVDYOURLIFE.COM - YouTube
  12. Still fantasising about doing the EC and ran across this in the facebook watertribe page. It does have an unstayed mast but not sure how wet it would be or how fast the setup would be. One for sale in Santa Barbra, 20 years old and refurbished for $US12,000. No idea how much a new one costs but I did inquire and waiting for an answer. Holopuni OC3 Sailing Outrigger Canoe — Holopuni Canoes
  13. Thx 4 the update. I was returning from my three month cruise to the Dry Tortugas and captured that image sailing past Key West. I was sailing and could not point as high as the fake Sebago.
  14. Sebago is now a party boat out of Key West with babes in bikinis and drunks on the deck.
  15. I got interested in possibility getting a Weta and went to the Weta forum web site and read the post about what to look for in a used Weta. There seems to be several different versions built in different places and the QC is not the same for all of them. So are there any particular hints about which years are the best bang for the buck and which ones to avoid. The first on I will likely look at is a 2010 model but if I should run from that year it will save me a half days drive to look at it.
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