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  1. there was no fuss when a mould 11 boat won the 2012 worlds
  2. yet another Saturday blow out in Melbourne coming up, why is it always windy on Saturdays?
  3. sadly the man died was off the S80 RBYC san rafael a sad day condolences to all
  4. the primitive cool owner has bought smb3 yes going to rmys
  5. any word yet as to what happened to make the bene 50 sink? (apart from lots of water) did hull soilt? windows/hatches go?
  6. do they still run the association cup down in melbourne?
  7. how did the soto 40 talk go down there in melbourne/ any orders
  8. is there any down in melbourne
  9. http://www.rycv.asn.au/sailing/Association%20Cup%20Teams%202010.htm
  10. have all the big boats left to come up here yet for the start of syd hob
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