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  1. Pretty cool photos... One retarded Minister of our government said this was great to attract tourists... You can even watch it live...
  2. I remember watching this documentary a few years back (video's from 2008) Basically it says that a volcano eruption could break Cumbre Vieja volcano in half and the landslide into the ocean would generate a super tsunami: And this is the Island right now: At least 9 different craters (or whatever they are called) are active right now...
  3. chuso007


    I'm trying to help the innocent here, not the rapists. But you just don't get it. It's OK. Keep it up there with insults and such, it makes the point much clearer for everyone.
  4. chuso007


    Brilliant reasoning... You do realise that the best way to keep rapists, and murderers offending again and again is putting the wrong men in prison for their crimes while they are not only free to do so, but also free of suspicion, since somebody else is already considered guilty of those crimes, right?
  5. I know this is an old post and I don't know the full crew list, but since I have a few friends on board I know the Spaniards on it: Fernando Echávarri, Antonio Cuervas-Mons (Ñeti), Pablo Arrarte (Patán), Juan Meseguer, Pepe Ribes, Fernando Rivero, David Pella, Aleix Gelabert, Bruno García and Carlos Hernández
  6. 250$ for a whiskey bottle back in my days in Yanbu... My compund neighbor would make alcohol from sugar and then mix it with non-alcoholic beer...
  7. I don't think you know what socialism is... Cuba, China, North Korea, Venezuela... That's socialism. Anyway, that's PA material, this thread's for laughs.
  8. You do realise that internet forums are social media... Right?
  9. Saw this thread and I expected to find some comments on this video circulating the social media here in Spain, Sorry if it's elsewhere in the forum but I don't come to PA often... Who's this guy and what's to be bellieved from what he's saying? Looks like an official thing... VID-20210829-WA0012.mp4
  10. This summer, talking about this issue with one of my best mates (a well reknowned oceanographer with lots of experience at sea), he told me this was "learned behaviour" from one or two whales and the only solution is to kill that or those whales. He then told me that when orcas are stressed they like to bite things, he'd seen one bite pieces of concrete off of a breakwater (destroying its teeth on the way). Apparently one or more whales tasted rudders and are using then as chew toys.
  11. Please tell me on what planet, I'll start saving for the ticket.
  12. Spanish broadcaster Movistar doesn't even have sailing on the menu... I haven't been able to watch anything, some options have been offered here (thanks for that, JMP) but they all ask for my credit card...
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