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  1. I did the 79 SORC on Sun Bird 5 as the only American aboard. Tom Curnow and his girlfriend Sam who was pregnant at the time were very good friends with my wife and I. Made it a very tough winter.
  2. +1 to what Flatbag said. None of us had much money back then but we had a lot of fun, what I can remember anyway.
  3. Plum Crazy looks a lot bigger than a 1/4 tonner.
  4. That can't be Tide, Tide had wire sheets!
  5. Al Van Meter was the second owner of Tide and I don't think the family still owns the boat. The last time I saw her was in Antigua many many years ago with a couple of French guys aboard. Who owns it now?
  6. C28, Windward Passage was designed when racing was under the CCA rule not the IOR. Pay attention!
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