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  1. I stick with the Interlux solvent program for Brightside and Perfection, so that I know what to expect in terms of coverage, flow, and drying times. The cost savings, if there is any, isn't worth the uncertainty. Can't say I've ever regretted it. I'm not certain that the compounds "naptha" and "kerosene" refer to a single formulation. There are usually several different flavors of those substances on the shelf at Home Depot, to say nothing of the library of industrial substitutes available to Interlux that might also be running around using those names.
  2. Over 7000 other idiots apparently needed to see this video to understand how these spouts work. Not me, though, of course. Not me. I said, NOT ME.
  3. Dremel out 1/4-1/2” of old core beyond the old hole Tape off the bottom of the old hole Wet out the edge of the old core with neat epoxy Fill the hole with a slurry of epoxy and cut-up glass cloth Maybe fill in 2-3 stages so the epoxy doesn’t get too hot while curing Remove tape, address any necessary cosmetic shortcomings, redrill (G10 feels like overkill if you have an epoxy bond on two layers of fiberglass and the core all the way around a 2” hole diameter.)
  4. I come here for the snark and snide remarks yet here you have provided nothing but exquisite documentation and cordial discussion of a wholesome, helpful, clever project which assists a sympathetic character. What has the virus turned this place into?
  5. Yes, of course. By sailboaters
  6. This discussion is so much nobler than if it would be if it were powerboaters talking about sailboats.
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